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The Lowest Point on Earth

Jul 1 2016

Rubie (our videographer) and some boys scouted this incredibly beautiful and symbolic location for capturing the song ‘Touch the Sky’ and we each positioned ourselves amongst the jagged rocks forming the edge of the mountain that disappeared sharply into the valley with The Sea of Galilee in the distance. We had to rush to record this because we needed to drive back around the water to film a few songs at sunset. It’s crazy how quickly this came together but I remember struggling to stay in time because many of us were sharing the same audio mix in our ears and the signal kept dropping out for chunks at a time, which makes it incredibly difficult to stay in time with the metronome. I was trying so hard to keep the band in time, but amidst the disappearing click and the incredibly loud guitar it was a mission. So if I look a bit freaked out, you now know why.

When most of us got back to Sydney we saw that the crew going to Lebanon had recorded this beautiful intro to TTS that I think is somehow creative in a literal way being that it was filmed at the lowest point on earth which seems to just reinforce the motif of the song- especially when juxtaposed by the heights of Mt Arbel where we recorded the rest of the song on. Both locations were so windy and it’s quite evident when watching the footage. Something I thought about when I watched the footage is how the Holy Spirit is likened to wind and how the wind is just as present and powerful in both the deepest places and the highest places, a metaphor for life with the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:2