Listen to the Youth: Being ‘Selfieless’ for a Sustainable Future

Aug 12 2016

Today is the United Nations International Youth Day.

Since its foundation, International Youth Day has been focused upon drawing attention to global youth issues.

The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production” is this year’s theme. The goal being for our young people to play a key role in helping to eliminate poverty by adopting and promoting sustainable patterns of consumption and production. It is about being aware of how their individual choices can help to minimise waste and pollution through their consumption.

Hillsong Youth Services provides opportunities for young people to take leadership roles in their high schools and communities to advocate for issues that concern them and future generations. Our mission statement, “Listen to the Youth” is all about encouraging our young people to listen to their communities, outside the four walls of our youth ministry.

We have a saying within our youth ministry, “selfieless” focused on encouraging our young people to grow in their social awareness and create change on issues impacting our world.

How amazing would it be if our young people were encouraged to consider the environmental and economic impact whilst on the hunt for the latest iPhone or the world’s best cheeseburger?

During our Encounter Conference this year we will once again empower young people to take part in a justice project that has the opportunity to make a practical impact in their community.

Last year, our Hillsong Youth ministry partnered with The Salvation Army’s Couch Project at Encounter Conference to support 15 homeless young people to complete their program, learn to drive and find employment.

The youth of our generation must be empowered to join the global conversations such as; eradicating poverty in our world, by being mindful of the everyday choices they can make in order to create a sustainable future.


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