Well on Saturday 13th August, we had the opportunity to host our Sisterhood morning where thousands of women gathered to lift up the names of Jesus!!! The women came out in FORCE and in great expectation – the spirit of the Sisterhood always blows my mind. The hunger and passion and the presence of God is the most amazing thing ever. I am so grateful for what we are a part of.


The morning began with women from 8 different locations within South Africa. The girls were welcomed by an incredible servant hearted army of men and youth boys who are all about placing value in every girl and letting every girl know she is loved and believed in!!



The party began with banana muffins and an opportunity to get a massage or their nails done in our amazing Pamper Zone! There were also MANY YUMMY treats on sale and the world’s biggest Bake Sale (because all our South African girls are the best bakers).

We rallied the girls in prior to the start where some of our boys known as the ‘Revelation’ helped every girl feel welcomed, encouraged crowd participation and created A LOT of laughter. It is aways a great way to unite the room and pull down any inhibitions and walls so God can do what He wants to do in every heart.


We began the morning with the song ‘Prince of Peace’ which was an incredible moment and a tangible presence of God filled the room. Then we went into Praise and Worship, an Honour Moment and giveaways and then the WORD… All of which were highlights!!!



Pastor Steve Penny spoke a profound word on what to do when clouds (which are the challenges in life) come. A few highlights from his message:

1.  Clouds bring a choice.
We can choose whether our cloud will be for blessing or cursing..
Job 37:13

2.  Clouds reveal a rainbow.
This is always a reminder of the promises of our God.
Gen 9:16

3.  Clouds Bring Jesus.
Jesus is coming riding on top of our storm!!
Mark 13 and Rev 1:7

4.  Clouds bring change.
1 Kings 18:41-16

I think I missed a point but it was profound, inspiring, helpful, encouraging and challenging to NEVER GIVE UP IN THE STORM BUT FIND A PROMISE IN THE WORD OF GOD AND HANG ON TO IT!!!!!!!




It was an incredible day and my greatest highlight was that 400 girls made a decision for JESUS!!! A decision that will change their lives forever.



I do believe the movement of the SISTERHOOD is a vehicle that God is using to change the world, our nation and our cities. I would love to encourage you to keep letting your light
shine, don¹t ever give up in the storms of life and remember the BEST IS YET TO COME!!!



Lucinda Dooley   //   Hillsong Church South Africa