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Let There Be Light

Oct 19 2016
  • T H A N K Y O U •

to worship leaders, song writers, editors, dreamers, doers, administrators, lyric checkers, stage designers, cycs creators, artists, designers, musicians, producers, vocalists, intercessors, pastors, spouses, kids, stage managers, engineers, lighting guys, publishers, choir, and team who make a vision come to life


  • T H A N K Y O U •

to senior pastors who allow creativity and worship to flourish and to lead pastors and creative pastors who champion new songs and to a church who take these songs into their hearts and let them echo in their homes and


  • T H A N K Y O U •

to you!! whoever you are and where ever you are as you listen to LET THERE BE LIGHT. Without knowing it you are the answer to our prayers and the ones we have prayed for as we have laboured on this project. You are the ones that we believe for God to stir in a greater desire for him, that he would empower you to be the Light to our world and a reflector of Jesus radical life giving light… and that this is an album you would send far and wide to your friends and family and that as you share it many would encounter Christ

Cass Langton