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No More Wasted Youth


“The wasted years

The wasted youth

The pretty lies

The ugly truth.”

– Unknown



We live in a generation where there are too many youth whose “youth” (defined, as a time that you are young) is being wasted.

The saying, “You only Live Once” (“YOLO”) optimises the attitude that surrounds our youth culture. However, have you ever thought that the very thing that you may be, “wasting your youth” on is what may be destroying the potential of your “youth”?

The facts are that, ‘alcohol’ abuse contributes to one of the three major causes of death amongst teenagers. There are a lot of reasons why youth may turn to drinking whether it be, ‘curiosity’, (we all know that curiosity killed the cat!) or other times it may be peer pressure (no one wants to be a party-pooper!) or it could be because of the way that you might be feeling on the inside. The reality is, regardless of the motivation alcohol misuse is dangerous. At the Ice cream army we are passionate about encouraging young people to no longer “waste their youth”. You only have to type the heading “underage drinking” into Google to be bombarded by the stories of young people that have lost their lives trying to be the “life of the party.” 

The culture of “drinking till you are wasted”, is one that is rampant within our youth community. Excess alcohol consumption is seen to be the way to drink away the sorrows of the day, or the only way to enjoy a night out with friends. 

However, there are extreme consequences to the decision to “get wasted”, whether the night of or the day afterwards. Whether it be, the wasted day, the loss of potential or the time where you could be doing something significant, its wasted. 

The word “youth” is defined to an age bracket, there is space of time when you are young that you do not have ever again.

Have you ever considered that the best form of, “Wasted Youth” is actually to “waste your youth on all the good things!” 

As a young person you have the opportunity to change the culture about what is socially acceptable at a party! 

You don’t have to drink till you are wasted, to have a good time. Your personality, your sense of humour, your conversation is all that you need! 

You are enough, the party is in who you are not in how much you can drink. 

Here at ICE CREAM ARMY we are declaring that there are other ways to have a GOOD TIME and it is for this reason that we are going to war by declaring that alcohol abuse, underage drinking and “drinking till you are wasted”, is not okay.

Our catchphrase (if that’s what you want to call it) “disarm drugs” or “no more wasted youth” refers to the fact that there are to many teenagers wasting time on all the things that are temporary, in order to have a good time in the moment, not thinking about the affect on themselves or others afterwards. 

For example, what about all the consequences like the damaged relationships, the broken promises, the foggy head, the distorted truths that can occur when your not thinking because you were “getting wasted”?

Time as a young person is limited, so why not WASTE IT, on all the good things!?


WASTE IT by using the time you have now to change your world.

WASTE IT by overcoming the things that try to bring you down. 

WASTE IT by rising above the status quo.

WASTE IT by living to empower others.

WASTE IT by being smart with your decisions.

WASTE IT by enjoying every waking moment and not missing out on anything because you are to hung over from the night before!

WASTE IT by attaching your life to a cause and not giving up.

WASTE IT by being KIND to others, even when it hurts.

WASTE IT by giving back even when you feel taken from.

WASTE IT by telling a story because you have something to say.


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