#500Project: #NoSmoking Fuel-efficient Stoves: Peru | Collected
#500Project: #NoSmoking Fuel-efficient Stoves: Peru

#500Project: #NoSmoking Fuel-efficient Stoves: Peru

29 November 2016

Region 7: South America

Whether you’re whipping up a Masterchef style creation or reheating last night’s Thai takeaway, it’s easy to take for granted the access we have to safe and easy cooking options in our homes.

For around 3 billion people in the world, the reality of cooking or heating their home involves using an open fire or simple inefficient stove that requires natural solid fuels (WHO). These stoves are often dangerous and produce harmful smoke pollution, causing unnecessary deaths and health conditions including pneumonia and heart disease. An estimated 4.3 million premature deaths can be attributed to illnesses resulting from household air pollution from use of solid fuels for cooking (WHO). Other sustainable development challenges related to inefficient cooking stoves include deforestation, climate change, and the consuming of valuable time to gather fuel, which limits time for schooling or income generation activities.

#NoSmoking Fuel-efficient Stoves, Peru

As a Sisterhood we can help bring solution! We are partnering with World Vision to distribute fuel-efficient stoves amongst 6,000 families living in rural Peru, where most families use dangerous and inefficient traditional stoves.

$500 can provide 5 families in Peru with fuel-efficient cooking stoves that can prevent illness from harmful smoke pollution and reduce demand for scarce firewood.

Angelica and her family have been able to replace their inefficient cooking stove with a new, fuel-efficient model, which includes a chimney to remove harmful smoke from their kitchen. “I am very happy with the new stove,” says Angelica. “It is much easier to cook as I can stand up, instead of leaning over the fire like before. Also, it cooks quicker with less wood, the pots stay hotter for longer, and best of all, there is no smoke.” Before the new stove, Angelica was spending around $20 of her family’s small income on wood every two weeks. Now she spends just half this amount. Angela explains, “Having to buy less wood means we have more money for my daughters to go to school and buy some of the things they need for their education.”

Using more efficient stoves has a range of health, environmental, economic and social benefits. This World Vision project also enables communities to earn an income from selling the carbon credits they generate by using more fuel-efficient stoves. The income is invested back into the project to fund stove maintenance and training. It’s an amazing investment!


Could #NoSmoking be your #500project?!

You can find all of the Colour Sisterhood 500 Projects on our website and choose where you can make a difference! #bethechange

PRAY #middaybabymidday

Across November we’ve been praying for South America. Download the Regional Fact Sheet with more information and ideas of what to pray for HERE.

Pray for the health and wellbeing of families in Peru. Pray for families as they seek to generate income to provide for their families. Pray for environmental protection around the world.

Next month we’ll be praying for region 8: Central & Eastern Africa. #coloursisterhoodfightclub

Keep fuelling the atmosphere with your prayers! Only Heaven knows the battles that are being won and the fruit that will come from your faithful prayers.

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. – James 5:16 (NIV).