How Do You Play That Worship Song?

Nov 21 2016

We recorded instrument parts videos for all our new songs on the ‘Let There Be Light’ album! No more listening to the song with headphones 50 times, trying to hear exactly what the instrument is playing 🙂

We’ve recorded full band (2 keys, 2 electrics, bass, drums) for teams that have the capacity. If you have a smaller team or setting, you can pick the instruments you need. Feel free to adapt the lead lines or signature riffs to the instruments you have.

If there is only one keyboard, perhaps imitate whatever key riffs you can on the piano while  having a pad sound ready. If there are two acoustics and no electrics, imitate the concept, one playing rhythm and one playing the riff concepts wherever possible.

We hope these videos are a helpful tool for you and your teams. We pray the songs on this album serve your local church regardless of size or location.

Much love,

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