Living a Life of Bold Evangelism

Nov 21 2016

When we think of evangelism, the stereotype is often a group of people standing on a street corner, carrying signs and earnestly persuading people to follow Jesus. Although this is one way to share your faith and encourage people to get saved, there is a more effective and fruitful approach, and that’s living a life of bold evangelism.

Bold evangelism is about being willing to do the hard work in order to help people find Jesus. It’s about being committed to building relationships with people. It’s about being in the fight with the people around you and earning a right to speak into their life.

Bold evangelism is about sacrificing your time, your money and even your personal comfort if it means helping someone encounter Jesus and experience His grace.

Bold evangelism is about not giving up on people when it gets inconvenient, but about being committed to them throughout the entire journey.

Evangelism is relationally driven. How can you talk to someone about Jesus and expect for them to not only listen, but buy into what you have to say if you haven’t built any credibility in their eyes? Why should they have to listen to you if they don’t know anything about who you are, how you live and what you stand for?

A lot of the time, we aren’t even able to get to the point of properly sharing the Gospel because we haven’t approached people with the love, grace and dignity that they deserve. Focus on loving people before trying to sneak in an invitation to church into the conversation.

At the end of the day, God wants to use people to reach people. Jesus clearly tells us in Matthew 28 to, “go and make disciples,” which ultimately means to build relationships with people and to do life with them. There will always be the screamers and the yellers on the street corners, but living a life of bold evangelism – of building relationships – produces more and lasting fruit.

Let’s be passionate about helping people find Jesus. Passion is not about volume. Passion is about purposeful living. How are you purposefully loving people and being in people’s worlds?

Consider your faith journey and how you came to know Jesus. Was it what you heard n the street corner, or was it because a friend or a family member invited you to church and did the journey with you?

God wants to work through you to reach the people around you. Our prayer is that we would be willing to do the hard work in helping people find Jesus, experience His grace and become more like Him. Let’s commit to living a life of bold evangelism and see people encounter Jesus for themselves.


This thought was originally shared during a discussion around Evangelism between Carl Lentz and Darren Kitto during our ‘Online Open Week’ in February 2016. Online Open Week is your opportunity to receive impartation and training direct from the Hillsong team through live online hangouts.

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