3 Tips for Sharing Your Faith

Dec 6 2016

As Christians we are all called to share the gospel with those around us. In 2 Corinthians we see Paul the apostle writing a letter to a fledgling Church in the midst of Corinth, a city filled with diverse, loud and persuasive voices each speaking out different philosophical, religious and moral ideas.

In 2 Corinthians 5:20 (NLT) Paul reminds the Christians of the city, “We are Christ’s ambassadors, God is making his appeal through us.”

God has called us all to reach people as we live out our everyday lives, to help those around us find and experience His grace. Here are three tips to remember when sharing your faith:

1. Sharing your faith is not restricted to the words you speak

Everybody shares their faith whether they think they are or not. Don’t reduce evangelism to merely the words and phrases you say. You are actually sharing your faith through the way you live, the ethics you have and the way you respond to opposition.

Understand that you are the advertisement. When you go into your university or workplace, people are watching your life. Therefore regularly ask yourself: How is your faith presented through the way you live? Are you actually living out what you believe?

2. Your job is to plant seeds

Don’t be discouraged if someone says no to your invitation to church, or if they don’t want to hear your story. While you cannot control their response, you can control whether or not you are planting seeds. Your job is to reach out, to send an invitation, to do whatever you can do to plant seeds. God will water these seeds and make them grow.

3. Be led by the Holy Spirit

We actually have it easy as Christians because we believe in something that doesn’t need to be remixed or repackaged. We don’t have to try and make the Bible sound cool or relevant – it already is. The gospel transcends every culture and background. We don’t need to add to what is already the most powerful and life-transforming message in history.

There’s no need for tricks or strategies. At the end of the day it’s not our little tactics that change people, it’s the Holy Spirit who changes people. It’s not about trying to get your point across or trying to sound intellectual. But it is about treating people with love and respect, and having real, Spirit-led conversations with people. Ultimately, God will open the doors for you, and give you the words to say.

Sharing your faith isn’t restricted to the senior pastors of a church – it’s for every one of us! God doesn’t call us to reach everybody, but He does call us to reach somebody. Ask God to open up the right opportunities for you to reach out to people, and allow Him to use you to make a difference in the lives of those around you.


This thought was originally shared during a discussion around Evangelism between Carl Lentz and Darren Kitto during our ‘Online Open Week’ in February 2016. Online Open Week is your opportunity to receive impartation and training direct from the Hillsong team through live online hangouts.

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