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Day 18 | February Fast 2017

Feb 18 2017

Believing for Healing

Studying the life of Jesus, we see that wherever He went, He healed the sick. He was known for this. People were not quite sure of who He was, but they witnessed healings. What they saw and experienced created an atmosphere of expectation. Wherever Jesus was, desperate sick people gathered with the expectation that Jesus could heal them. And He did, bringing the love of the Father right into their desperate situations, healing people on the outside and on the inside.

Jesus brought heaven to earth in everything He did. He was not of this world, He did not live by the rules of this world, but He lived by the principles of Heaven. And He told his disciples and us to do so.

Mark 16,17-19 says, “And these signs will accompany those who has believed….they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” (NASB)

We are followers of Jesus. We should never be afraid of praying. We might or might not see an instant healing, but God will do something if we pray- that is for sure.

Last week, I asked a friend of mine to pray for my very sore arm. She had never laid hands on anybody before. But I told her that I believed that God would heal me through her. She prayed and I was healed instantly. What a joy.

We need to believe that God wants to bring healing to the world through us. We need to create an atmosphere of expectation in our own lives for Him to do miracles. Let’s be true believers and trust the Holy Spirit to show who to pray for and how to pray.


–  Ingrid Wredstrøm


  • How do I feel about praying for people who are sick?
  • Do I feel expectant about God answering my prayers concerning healing? Why or why not?

Prayer Points:

  • Spend some time today praying for healing for yourself if needed and for others.
  • Our next night of baptisms is coming up on Sunday, 26 February. Pray for people in our church who are currently deciding whether to get baptized- that they would receive the conviction and strength to do so.