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Day 5 | February Fast 2017

Feb 5 2017

The Move to Copenhagen

It is almost 6 months ago to the day, that Ingvild and I exchanged vows and celebrated the start of married life. Little did we know the adventure and learning curve that was in store for us over the subsequent months of moving here to begin our lives together in Copenhagen.

The idea of moving back to Europe came up in conversation in the early part of 2016, as we both recognized our season as part of Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, was coming to an end. During a trip to see family here in Europe, we had the opportunity to visit Hillsong Copenhagen for Vision Sunday last year and were blown away by the friendly welcome, the dynamic atmosphere, and the way in which the church was moving forward.

The following months were characterized by ongoing conversation with God in prayer, and each other, about the right decision to make in terms of where to go and what to do once married. We had determined that staying planted in a Hillsong Church was a non-negotiable whilst also wanting to move closer to family in Europe. Nevertheless, I found myself on many occasions saying in a somewhat frustrated manner to God in prayer, “just tell us where to go!”

This wrestle continued to the point where we both knew a decision had to be made. There were no flashing lights or detailed dreams of what to do, just a quiet sense that whatever we decided, God would work it out.

Tuesday 30th August 2016 was when the decision to move to Copenhagen became a reality. With a 23kg bag each and hang luggage in hand, we set off from Birmingham Airport to start our lives together in a new country, with no home, no jobs and not much finance. All we had was a belief that we have been called to serve the Church of Jesus Christ and that the God, who had looked after us up until this point, would continue to do so.

From then, until now, our story is one of God’s faithfulness and goodness colliding with us, as we have trusted him to steer the ship of our lives. We have experienced some real periods of doubt, frustration, and deflation since arriving here. However, through those times have come real highs of answered prayer, provision, and peace that although we don’t know how things will work out, somehow they will. During our initial few months God positioned incredible people to help meet every need both physically and spiritually. It was a 7-week journey until we found our own home but now we have a lovely apartment, great jobs at the airport, and are more confident than ever that this is where God has established us.

Perhaps you are facing a tough decision today, unsure whether to step out in faith and trust God’s goodness and faithfulness. Let me encourage you, lean into Him in prayer this month of February. Consider joining us to fast in order to remove distractions and prioritize what God wants to say and do in your life.

 –  Matt Blount



  • How does God speak to me?
  • How do I speak to God?

Prayer points:

  • Help me trust in you, Jesus
  • All our beautiful volunteers