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Day 7 | February Fast 2017

Feb 7 2017

Life Giving Conversations.

When we first become Christians, we seek out advice about how to pray to Jesus. The formula “Dear Jesus” + “say something nice” + “In Jesus’ name, amen” seems like great advice for the novice. But as we mature in our faith, we begin to understand that prayer is a conversation between us and God, our Father who loves us, and not a stiff, scripted one-way speech. Real, meaningful and life-giving conversations don’t have agendas or formulas. We just chat, and enjoy being in the presence of each other. True connection happens when we are both in the moment.

Jesus unquestionably hears our sincere and desperate “Jesus, help me” prayers when the chains on our bikes won’t unfreeze during the heartless winter months, locking our bikes for all eternity and causing intense frustration (completely hypothetical scenario, by the way). But the amazing thing about fasting is the time we create to be intentional with our prayers. A great place to start when praying is to go somewhere quiet.

“Yet the news about him spread all the more, so that crowds of people came to hear him and to be healed of their sicknesses. But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” (Luke 5:15 NIV)

Essentially, prayer is about intimacy rather than technique, and it’s difficult to be truly intimate when you’re not alone with the one you’re trying to connect with. Jesus understood this. Building our relationship with God requires us to be vulnerable and to open up. And being vulnerable is easier when we don’t have neighbours raising their eyebrows when they see us struggle with the forever frozen bike chains. When we pray this week, let’s be intimate with God. Let’s be intentional about going to secluded places and to be honest with our Creator.


–  Lasse Hultén


  • Where can I go today to be alone with Jesus?

Prayer points:

  • Help to find time today to be alone with Jesus.
  • Help to be vulnerable with Jesus.
  • For all the children in Hillsong Kids and all their leaders.