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Robert Fergusson’s Top 12 Books On Preaching, Teaching & Public Speaking

Feb 17 2017

“There are numerous books on communication and as a teacher I enjoy them all. The first requirement of a teacher is a love of learning – if we lose the passion for learning we forfeit the right to teach. So every book on communication has something to teach us, nonetheless, I have found these books to be particularly helpful.”


Spirit-Led Preaching by Greg Heisler

  • An inspiring book that re-visits the vital role of the Holy Spirit in preaching.

Preaching to a Postmodern World by Graham Johnston

  • A helpful book on the challenges of communication in a postmodern world.

The Language of Leadership by James C. Humes

  • A practical book on the practice of public speaking in the context of leadership.

 Christ-Centred Preaching by Bryan Chappell

  • A challenging book on how to keep the cross of Christ central in our preaching.

Made to Stick by Chip & Dan Heath

  • A practical book on teaching, telling stories and making messages memorable.

How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth by Gordon Fee & Douglas Stuart

  • A foundational book that explains the rules of good Biblical interpretation.

Communicating for Change by Andy Stanley & Lane Jones

  • A provocative book which challenges traditional preaching styles.

Everyone Communicates. Few Connect by John C. Maxwell

  • A leadership book which highlights the skills of effective communication.

Saving Eutychus by Gary Millar & Phil Campbell

  • An accessible book on the basics of sermon structure and Biblical preaching.

Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo

  • An excellent book on nine tips of public speaking with TED as a template.

Preaching by Timothy Keller

  • An excellent, inspiring and well-researched book on expository preaching.

The Seven Laws of the Learner by Bruce Wilkinson

  • A comprehensive book about the principles and practice of teaching.


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