Colour Changed My Life

If I were to describe the impact Colour has made on my life, I wouldn’t be able to put it into one moment, but many moments that defined who I am today.

I remember my first year of attending Colour Conference. About 5 years ago, I was still new to Hillsong church and serving in the Creative team, I got the opportunity to be involved in a few of the creative elements of conference. That alone was a big deal for me; being a part of the many moments in between that would impact thousands of women. I remember thinking, “Wait, you need my help filling cushions with feathers? You need my help prepping duvet covers with lights?” I was amazed by the preparation that went into everything, the late nights that people sacrificed, the excellence that went into making sure everything was on point for Colour Conference right down to the very last detail. Every area that would impact the women from welcoming them to being shown to their seats, to worship, to what happened during the breaks, to the items, to the different sessions, right to the very end all had such significance. I had never been to any conference before let alone a Christian one so I was a bit curious as to what I should expect. I remember the rush of excitement when doors opened. Hundreds of woman were running in to get a seat; the atmosphere was filled with expectancy and excitement. I had so much peace. God took me on a journey of His love and who I was called to be in every session. I wasn’t someone that was always comfortable being vulnerable in his presence with many people around me but He broke down so many walls during those sessions that allowed me to be me. Some people think “If I’ve been once, it’s okay I won’t be missing much.” That statement cannot be further from the truth. In all my years of going to Colour Conference, God has spoken to me in a different way every single time. And He has equipped me in every season, at every Colour. Often, it’s been about me or what I could get out of it, but its also been about God using me in the lives of other women. Every year I’ve been astounded and left in awe of how conference just gets bigger and strengthened and more than we could imagine. You think that last year was good but then the next year comes, and it completely blows you away! It just keeps getting better (like how it that even possible)! Ha! The openers almost always left me in tears, a presentation of a woman forsaking her love for what the world has to offer, but GOD goes out to seek her, Alice getting lost or a crown being restored upon a woman’s head. Last year was one of my favourite conferences – the way everything pointed to worship and prayer.

My favourite moment was the closer which closed the conference in a different way than we had in years previously. To stand in a crowd of thousands of women and declare, “He loves us, oh how He loves us ” and singing it out without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus loves me as an individual, in a company of thousands. If someone were unsure about coming to Colour, I’d say do it, come!

Don’t use the excuse of “there’s always next year”. Yes, there’s always next year but what God wants and what He can do this year shouldn’t be pushed aside. There’s no way you can walk into Colour Conference and leave not having been impacted by Him. Colour conference reignites the fire within women, it reminds us what can happen when a company of women come together and worship our Saviour. It reminds us of the role we play in the grander scheme of God’s plans. It’s where friendships are born and strengthened. You can’t have Colour conference without women. Colour is for women.





Hillsong Church South Africa // Andrea Apple