Nation Builders: Church Planting

Mar 26 2017

One of the primary initiatives supported through our Nation Builders giving is church planting.

Your Nation Builders giving is helping to support newly established churches build a solid foundation upon which to grow and see more people come to Christ.

In 2017, we are supporting church planting in:

Barcelona, Spain

Moscow, Russia

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Lyon, France

Zurich, Switzerland

These new and growing churches will be supported to meet practical needs such as the hiring of venues where there is no permanent building, purchasing production equipment, or helping with pastoral staffing costs.

Through your Nation Builders giving, you’re helping to enable local churches across Europe and South America reach their communities with the Good News of Jesus. People like Daniel, in Barcelona, who met Jesus and found a family in faith.

“God has blessed us greatly with Hillsong Barcelona. Without a local church so excellent I think I wouldn’t have accepted Jesus. It’s amazing to see how the people who are building this church every week are a constant testimony of God and He uses them to answer our prayers.

Hillsong offers us a family in faith, people used by God to reach more people, spaces where we can grow as Christians and we also get the opportunity to put our gift in service of a God who has given it all for us. We are expectant to see what God has prepared for our lives!” – Daniel, Hillsong Barcelona

You can give to Nation Builders using the Hillsong app or at your Connect Group.

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