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Let There Be Light Day 2 - The Mystery

May 29 2017

What A Beautiful Name

Colossians 1:26-27 speaks of a mystery once hidden for ages and generations, now at last revealed to us. Through this Mystery came the universe – seen and unseen – (Col 1:16-17) and the very axis of its existence is God’s will and His Word. Indeed, OUR very existence is a reality because God has willed it to be so.

Throughout creation we see heavy hints and hear distinct echoes of our Maker and His love for us. Indeed, since the very beginning, from the garden, God has been calling to us, bidding us to come, walk with Him, know Him, enjoy Him.

Hebrews 1 says God spoke repeatedly to generations past through prophets and in various other ways, but in these last days He has spoken to us definitively in the person of Jesus Christ.

Colossians 1:15 clearly states that “Christ is the visible image of the invisible God.

In other words: The mystery is obscured no longer. If we want to know about the character of our Creator, we look to Christ. If we want to know how God would have us value people – the lost, the lonely, the doubters, the disenfranchised – we look at how our Saviour treated people. If we want to know how serious the issue of our sin is and just how much the Father loves us, we look at the cross and see the Son of God suffering and dying the death we deserved, that we might have everlasting life with Him. If we need to be reminded that the resurrection power of God is at work in our lives at this very moment, we can look to the risen Jesus, remember that He is interceding for us and that we have an eternal hope that shall not be extinguished by even the most excruciating of earthly circumstances.

It is not possible to grasp the infinite depths of beauty and wonder in the person of our Saving King, Jesus, nor to overestimate the power of His Name. Choose to take a few moments now and give Him praise, lift up your worship to Him, and in doing so find fresh strength, hope, joy, and peace in His beautiful, wonderful, powerful Name.


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