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Let There Be Light Day 3 - In Control

May 30 2017

In Control

In Mark 4:35-41, Jesus and His disciples are in a boat and they’re just about to cross the waters, but the seas begin to rage. Panic begins to set in. The disciples fear for their lives. I love that in the middle of it all, Jesus is asleep, at peace, even in the most furious of storms. It would seem that Jesus was the only one on the boat who truly knew the authority that He had – and not just over that storm, but over all things. I wonder if only we truly knew more fully the authority and love of God, we would find it easier to trust, to be at peace in who He is. I love that as Jesus wakes to the panic of those around Him, He acts. Jesus is not passive or ill-attentive to our need or petitions for help, but rather He responds. He speaks. At the sound of His voice, the seas are tamed, things begin to change. But even if they don’t, or not immediately, we wait, peace is our portion as we begin to realize that Jesus is there with us. And His posture is one of rest. He is in control.

We wrote a song called In Control that is based on Mark 4, on the trustworthiness of Jesus, no matter what we might face. I love that in worship, even when things seem out of control, we have the assurance that Jesus is in control, that He has authority over all things.

So that’s my prayer for you, that you would find encouragement in the fact that Jesus has your back, that He has control over all things, and in Him our trust is well placed indeed.


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