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Let There Be Light Day 4 - I Will Boast

May 31 2017

I Will Boast in Christ

Sometimes the person we try and project is different to the real thing – it might be called “keeping up appearances”. Why do we do that?

When we sing I Will Boast In Christ, in some ways it’s another way of saying, I will make the main thing and the loudest quality in my life, what God has done for me.

What inspired Scott Ligertwood and I to write this song was a conversation about God’s favour and how strong it is. God’s grace is so robust that it can handle our best and our worst days. Our biggest flaw or greatest triumph doesn’t add or take a single drop from the boundless sea of God’s grace

What is it about us that feels most conscious of our worst day? What if we just felt 100 percent okay with who we are right now in this moment in time?

Is our determination to project a certain image actually distracting us from the work that Christ is doing in our lives? Is it all a bit of a cover-up for who we really are at this moment in time, and wishing we were something different?

While we are busy overcompensating for our feelings of lack, do we miss that He’s creating and renewing in us heaven’s work? Christ making us truly who we are made to be.

Do we miss all the little things, all the details that are being woven together to make a life more beautiful than we could ever hope for? A strength, a grace, a peace that flows from the inside that feels no pressure to draw attention to itself?

The best thing about our lives will always be Christ and all that He accomplished for us through His death on the cross and that glorious day He rose from the tomb.

I’m believing that what Christ is doing would be the big picture and the boast of our lives. May there be a flow of pure thanksgiving and a breathless awe of what Christ has won in all of us.


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