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Hillsong Africa Foundation: Lasting Change

Jun 15 2017

The Hillsong Africa Foundation – “HAF” for short – is an example of our church’s mission statement in action. Empowering people to lead and impact every sphere of life!

HAF grew out of Hillsong Church Cape Town and is distinct to the church but closely connected to it. The Foundation is an expression of a local church serving their local community. As a church, we have been supporting HAF since the beginning and continue to do so this year, through Heart For The House.

Through your giving, you’re contributing not to one program or service but an approach – holistic community development. HAF’s activity and programs are informed by and run in partnership with the community. As the relationship with communities has deepened, the projects have naturally evolved and new church campuses have even formed!

HAF currently works with Mitchells Plain, Gugulethu, Macassar, Soshangvve, Soweto, and Joe Slovo. Like every community, these communities are unique, but these townships and settlements face a range of similar challenges that a history of damaging segregation has contributed to. Some of the obstacles to potential include family fragmentation, limited access to quality education opportunities, high unemployment, crime and gang violence.

Every program HAF facilitates is designed to support someone’s journey of empowerment as a student, parent, employee, valued member of the community and a contributor to society. A parent may need a bit of input to help support her baby’s healthy development, or a person struggling to find employment could use some help developing their resume and a mentor along the journey, or a young person may need to first understand their value before they can dream for their future.

In 2016, HAF’s Family+1 & GROW projects strengthened thirty-one families of orphaned or vulnerable children through education, training and support. The ReadBabyRead initiative supported nine primary schools with literacy development. Over six-hundred-and-eighty people completed personal development programs, exploring their identity and purpose. Accelerate Centres provided access to job readiness skills and mentoring, for over two-hundred-and-sixty people who were unemployed.

The goal isn’t bigger numbers but seeing lasting change in individual lives, and as a result in families and communities. Empowerment is about identity, purpose, skills, knowledge, vocation, networks, and support. It’s about people having increased choices and capacity to fulfill their God-given potential, having a positive impact on others in the process. It’s about the abundant life offered in Jesus (John 10:10).

HAF’s story is an unfolding one, as they keep exploring a range of ways to take the good news to people where they are. Thank you for giving and standing alongside the Hillsong Africa Foundation in their mission to build lives and communities and ultimately the nation.