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Preemptive Love Coalition: It's All There in the Name

Jun 15 2017

Preemptive Love Coalition. It’s all there in the name. It’s about proactively putting love into action, together.

We’re excited to be partnering with Preemptive Love Coalition through Heart For The House this year. Our giving will contribute to their life-saving work in Syria and Iraq, reaching families whose lives have been turned upside-down by war.

The devastating Syrian conflict and its overflow into Iraq has caused shock and outrage and continues to break our hearts. Preemptive Love Coalition are on the front lines in these places, where most people won’t go. Through our giving, we have the incredible opportunity to be there with them.

Preemptive Love Coalition are first in, last to leave; confronting fear with acts of love. This love looks very practical when families have been forced to flee their homes with nothing. This love sees hunger and provides food, sees thirst and provides drink, sees a stranger and invites them in, sees someone shivering and provides clothing, and sees someone homeless and provides shelter (Matthew 25:31-46).

Preemptive Love Coalition have provided tens of thousands of kilogrammes of food aid to thousands of families in Syria and Iraq. Families like Mohammed’s who had to flee their home in Aleppo. For three weeks the family was starving so Mohammed had to search in public park areas for herbs that his children could eat. Love showed up with food for his family and many others.

Preemptive Love Coalition also help empower locals to be small business owners and employers and create sustainable sources of revenue for their families and community. They come alongside local people, recognising their capacity and skill to rebuild their own towns and cities. People like Sameeha who was a talented and well-known seamstress until conflict meant that she had to flee. In the refugee camp that she now calls home, Sameeha is still sewing and fostering her dream to start a factory and provide work for other refugees.

Through our giving, we’re saying to Mohammed and Sameeha and the many others like them, “We believe in you, and we’re standing with you as you rebuild!” As a church, we’re choosing to see beyond the complications and despair of this conflict; we’re choosing love.