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What in the World is 'Team Night'?

Jun 21 2017

You may have heard the term ‘Team Night’ somewhere, or seen something on Instagram about it, and you might be wondering “what is Team Night?”

So we thought we’d help explain this special thing we call ‘Team Night’ 🙂

What is Team Night?

Team Night is not about us — it’s a chance to gather as a worship & creative team, to prepare for our church’s worship services.  In order to facilitate these services well, we need a strong, healthy, functional team. No matter what a Team Night might look like, the outcomes for us are always the same:

  • gather together as a creative team
  • rehearse for Sunday services
  • train our team and grow their craft
  • build a culture of excellence and creativity
  • build community
  • inspire our team to grow in their relationship with Christ

In our church, some campuses might meet every week, others might be once every month or two.

Because we don’t have a formula, we are constantly trying out new things. For us, Team Night isn’t just another gathering — we see it as a crucial part of what we do, helping us grow and expand as we serve our church.

If you’re looking at starting something similar for your own creative team, we’ve put together a few other resources and blog posts below that might help you. If you’ve got any questions, please comment below and we’ll try to answer them as best we can!

Hope this helps!



P.S. if you’re interested in hearing more from our team, we’d love to invite you to join us for Hillsong Conference this year!!

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