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Who Do You Think You Are?

Sep 29 2017

I’m excited about our upcoming Worship and Creative Conference… but maybe not for the reasons you might think. The over-arching theme of the conference is Explore. Respond. Create. Today I want to talk briefly about the explore aspect…

Our God is the ultimate Creator… He was, is, and always will be the first creative. The Alpha + Omega. In fact, He invented creativity. It was part of Him from the Beginning. Creativity is at the core of the very nature and character of God. Right at the very start of Genesis we read in “In the beginning, God created…” (Genesis 1:1).

God kicked off the creative process then and there, and it’s been moving endlessly forward ever since.

This passage in Genesis makes clear that mankind, humanity, you and I, him and her… we are created in His very image.

In case you hadn’t got the message yet, Ephesians 2:10 reminds us also: ‘… we are His workmanship. Created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand.’ We are God’s workmanship – His handiwork. His creation. His greatest piece of art. IF we look through the lens of His Word, we can see that we are, like Him, inherently and innately creative beings. We are given this gift from God Himself! I feel like we could call it a day right here – cause I don’t know about you, but this revelation is enough for me. However, there’s more here, so let’s keep digging.

We have been given that very same ability… the ability to create and bring things to the world. From the earliest texts, mankind’s creative gifting was both evident and used to bring adoration and glory to God. Genesis talks about Adam creating names for the animals God had brought to life with a Word. Exodus 35 tells the story of Bezalel – a man who was given skill and ability to fulfil the work of building, designing, and decorating the home God had commissioned His people to build Him.

These days, in an internet era where we are surrounded by brilliance every time we scroll down, it can be easy for us to look at people who draw, paint, sing and play, and consider THAT to be creativity.

But that’s not true. Making coffee is just as creative as writing a poem. Building a business is JUST as creative as dancing. That some tasks are more or less creative than others is simply a perception in the eye of the beholder. A perception created by our environment, as we often underestimate our value and place in the world..

For every single one of us, our creativity and personal gifts look different. Unlike anyone else. And that is to be celebrated – that point of difference is what makes us unique! That’s what makes us like our Heavenly Father. We aren’t less like Him cause we don’t get poetry or can’t understand art.

The fact that we get numbers or enjoy cooking doesn’t show our limited creative ability, but His limitless creativity expressed through each of us differently!

The discovery that you are creative doesn’t mean you have simply found a new hobby, or something you’re already gifted in… it means you have discovered your true self. Who God created you to be.

And as you spend time looking into the heart of God – you will realise again and again that He has chosen us to join Him in the joy of creation.
The exciting thing for me about our Worship and Creative Conference this November (among a litany of things), is that I will discover more about God the Creator.

Which makes me ask the question – how could I miss the opportunity to then find out who I am?