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Created to be Young & Free

Oct 18 2017

Youth is such a pivotal time in a person’s life. It’s the time when your identity is being discovered, your character is being built, and when your future and dreams are being formed. We live in a day and age where our society wants to dictate who we are and who we should be. Our daily focus is shaped around trying to do more to fit in and earn the right to belong in order to be accepted, RATHER than to live in the freedom and truth that you BELONG to, no matter who you are.

Young & Free is our youth ministry in Hillsong Church Copenhagen and Y&F is who we are. We believe that we’re set free by Jesus to be who we’re created to be and to live the life we’re called to live. We believe in the GOLD and the God given POTENTIAL in each teenager in Copenhagen. We believe in a generation of God-loving, radical and authentic young people to rise up, daring to reach out to their friends and families to see their schools transformed and to see a generation on fire for Jesus!

Young & Free Night is a part of our Y&F ministry and is a youth service on Friday nights FOR youth, BY youth. When we say ‘For youth’, we mean that it’s for all young people aged 14-18. ‘By youth’ – is you and I. We want to empower our youth and equip them to serve, lead and take ownership of these nights to make it their own. The heart behind these nights is to point our youth to Jesus and create a place for them to belong in an encouraging and healthy community of fellowship. It’s a place where you can come as you are and feel accepted and loved. A place to bring friends and make friends. A place to praise and worship. A place to grow in your faith journey. And at the same time a place to have FUN!

When we gather we encourage and empower our youth to go out to be a light in their spheres of life. Y&F is all about doing life together. That’s why we also meet in our Squad groups throughout the weeks and in church on Sundays. #bettertogether #youbelong


–  Jesper and Rebecca Lundbak Ørsøe, Youth Pastors, Hillsong Church Copenhagen



For more details on how to get connected and involved follow us on Instagram @hillsongyouthcph and Facebook (Hillsong Youth CPH) or write to [email protected].