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Shelley & Kaitlin's Story

Oct 10 2017

“I attended my first Hillsong Conference in 2006 and loved it so much, I returned to my small rural town of Kaitaia in the Far North of New Zealand, gathered the girls and brought them to Colour Conference 2007. At the time, I was an at home Mum of three small girls and didn’t have any dreams that involved taking risks.

Colour Conference was phenomenal! The speakers, the worship and the way we felt so welcome. Then came the Sisterhood session where they highlighted the story of the “Invisible Children.” I can’t really explain what happened inside of me when I saw this for the first time, but I can tell you that no matter how many times I’ve watch it since, I still feel the same. I am easily brought to tears when watching movies and it was my goal to “be strong” and not cry during this story. I got to the last few minutes where Jacob cries for his missing brother. I remember thinking that as a Mum I have never heard that kind of cry before and it was then my heart broke for Uganda.

When we returned to New Zealand the 12 ladies pledged to fundraise to build a house in a Watoto Village to rescue some of these precious children. Over a period of years, we raised $46,000 AUD. If you know the town of Kaitaia you will understand what a HUGE achievement this was.

In 2008, I had the blessing of joining the Colour Your World trip to Uganda. It felt like home, I love the people, the place and now have lifelong friends because of that first opportunity. I returned again the following year with a group led by Narda from Watoto Australia. We were to minister to the Living Hope ladies, teaching them practical skills like tailoring which is now one of their biggest vocations, and their goods are sold internationally with the travelling childrens choir. You can imagine the pride I feel when I think of taking machines over from Australia and teaching that first group of ladies.  We also were able to pamper the ladies and I was often left speechless and emotional when washing their feet, seeing the horrific scars that some had on their bodies. To touch the untouchable was truly an honour (HIV positive ladies at the time on anti-retro viral meds were shunned from their villages and rejected).

5 years later, I returned again to Uganda as a fully trained Primary Teacher. At this time, I was able to visit our Gulu House for the first time and meet the Mum and children.”

– Shelley

“I never tire of hearing stories of ordinary women stepping out of their comfort zones and I love this story in particular because it ties directly into my own story. Shelley is my mum and I had the beautiful experience of watching her journey. After seeing what God can do through her I knew I could not go on living as I was.

After I finished high school, I decided to step out and attend Hillsong International Leadership College. I am now in the second semester of my second year of study and my life has changed completely. However, the story hasn’t quite finished. Today I serve in the Colour Sisterhood team, working on events and fundraisers supporting the women my mum served and ministered to. I have the opportunity to give to the people she gave to. I get to learn the love that grew in her when she came to conference. The people whom she has given so much for I hope I can do the same for many more. Her encounter and giving with the Colour Sisterhood has become the foundation for why I now do what I do. What you do to give and love on others has an impact. Not just on the people you serve to but the people who witness your heart and generosity. Love loud because people’s lives will be changed.”

– Kaitlin


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The Colour Sisterhood is a company of down to earth, every day women who desire to make a difference and make the world a better place. It is a foundation seeking to place value upon humanity – a story of unity & alliance. The heart of Sisterhood is that every woman can find an important & critical level of partnership. We seek to raise funds, bring awareness to core issues and practically make the world a better place.

Shelley's Story