Our Hillsong Africa Scholarship Program - Meet Calvin

Meet Calvin, one of our candidates for the Hillsong Africa Scholarship Program, launched last year at our Hillsong South Africa Men’s Conference.


If you walk into Reddam House in Somerset West, you might see a young grade 8 boy kicking a ball around, while quietly thinking about what he will create one day when he becomes a Mechanical Engineer. Maybe a new type of aeroplane, or even a flying car?

This young man is Calvin, originally from Zimbabwe and currently living with his mom and two brothers in Samora Machel. It’s not always safe to be outside where he lives but he is just like any other young boy: he loves soccer, and Iron Man, and he has great dreams of what he wants to be when he grows up.

Calvin is a recipient of the Hillsong Africa Scholarship that Hillsong Africa Foundation, in partnership with the Reddam Foundation, launched at our Hillsong Men’s Conference in 2016. As a Church, we understand that many students are unable to receive the education necessary to enter the marketplace with skill and confidence.

The scholarship comes with a new environment and new challenges. The daily travelling, the new technology and school subjects, making new friends, starting over at a new school far away from home – there was, and continues to be, a lot of change in his everyday life.

The challenges are huge, and the environments are worlds apart, but Calvin understands and appreciates the opportunity he has been given – an education that will bring out the best in a very bright young man. His family, teachers, and Hillsong all support him, and will continue to do so through to Grade 12 and beyond.

Calvin, along with our other scholarship recipient, Yolisa will need ongoing sponsorship, and mentorship for the duration of high school (grade 8-12). One more student will join the Hillsong Africa Scholarship Program in 2018!

To find out more about how you can get involved, email [email protected] or apply for the 2018 scholarship at http://hillsongafrica.com/scholarship/