Seasons (Winter Sun)

8 November 2017


Lord I think of your love like the Low winter Sun 

Have you ever been driving along in the dead of winter? Just minding your own business, singing along with your favourite song? (which for me this Christmas will be Marty as he impeccably sings along with Chopin [Listen Here]), when suddenly the sun comes bursting through the window and completely blinds you to anything and everything in your line of sight? It’s because the sun is lower in the winter (or at least relatively) and despite the occasional momentary loss of sight it causes, I am obsessed it.

How beautiful the fields look as light dances across them, painting these gliding long shadows that create the most profound contrast.

How polarising the brightness, till all else is lost in it’s radiant glow.

How similar with God.

His glory all consuming. His love all perfecting. Blinding us. Changing us.

Till the barren is beautiful 


Ben Hastings