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Shine a Light

Nov 23 2017

We live in an extreme world! Isn’t it crazy how times change and how something that was so surprising for one generation seems to be so normal and non-impacting in another? I remember watching scary movies as a kid (yes I was that kid) and thinking that what I was watching was the scariest thing I had ever seen – only to come across the same movie or show years later and thinking to myself “Meh, It wasn’t that bad!”… Was it that bad? Or had my threshold for that kind of content become broader? and my mind desensitised to such imagery? Admittedly I haven’t watched a “scary” movie in a very long time, but my mind does ask the question of the direction the world is headed in. It’s easy to see that things that would not have been so acceptable even a few years ago have become more socially acceptable.

This is challenging for me… Why? Simply because the Word is clear that the path of life leads upwards (Proverbs 15:24 NIV) and that as people of God our strides and impact on the world are meant to be going from strength to strength (Psalm 84:7 – NIV). The ASCENT for me is the realisation that as this world continues to grow darker there is an opportunity for the artist, writer, producer or even the leader to use whatever is in their hands to shine a light, to create hope wherever they find a platform to do so and to contribute to the lifting of heads from discouragement, lies, and brokenness that is increasingly glorified in our society.

And in that context the ASCENT gives hope.