MAKING MUCH OF JESUS - our global Sisterhood United nights in pics!

Dec 18 2017

Hey girls,  

Towards the end of November we hosted our global Sisterhood United Nights.  I had the honour of speaking into the lives of Hillsong girls across six continents from our “Sydney room”, with the message then rolled out at their events over the following two weeks. We say of our church that we are “one house, many rooms”.  Well, in this case it was definitely “one Sisterhood, many locations”. 

I asked our Lead Pastors to write a highlight from their gathering and include a handful of images. Why?  Because as a global church family, this sisterhood of women is far reaching, diverse and beautiful … and sometimes, we need to see one another and remember yet again that we are not alone, that God is alive and well, and that the daughters are flourishing.  

The fabulous praise report of the night is that over 28,000 were in attendance, with over 600 decisions for Jesus recorded. How wonderful, right.  

We kept the night simple. A fun opener (which I loved seeing done in different languages), and then I brought the word. A message that, judging from feedback, blessed many and set us in good stead for what lies ahead.  If you missed the night, or want to watch it again, we have included a link.

So scroll through, rejoice in the praise reports and you might even see yourself and friends in the pictures.  We can only capture a glimpse of the girls and miracles in play, but nevertheless, it’s a great story. And thank you to one and all who came, brought friends, lent in so beautifully and contributed to the spirit of the night and the various local impact projects presented.  

And of course, COLOUR 2018 is on the horizon for all of us. The “Invitation” is out and the website is fabulous if you need to share it with a friend or two.  The conference is going to be special as we again travel it from Sydney to Cape Town, London, New York, Phoenix, Los Angeles and then finally Kiev!   

Sometimes women say to me — “Oh, one of these years I’m going to come”. I always smile and agree, but on occasion I find myself thinking, “Well, don’t leave it too late sweetheart, because I’m not sure how long Colour is going to look like this”.  None of us know the days that are ahead, nor what lies around the next bend of His will and purpose for all our lives. I’m excited and very confident in the future, but these are also days of being positioned in the soil that is anointed to water and nurture what is within your life — so as your pastor and friend, let’s… 

  • Let’s seize the day,
  • Let’s labour for those in our realm of influence who need to sit in an environment that wholeheartedly believes in them,
  • Let’s continue in what has been entrusted — a message of value, enablement, empowerment and change for the women of planet earth,
  • And let’s be found … wind in our sails … Holy Spirit breath in our lungs … and a sense of calling that we are indeed alive for such a time as this!

I love you heart and soul. Check out the website and share with others. Have a blessed, enjoyable and safe Christmas, and may the new year hold no end of wonder and surprise for you and your family.  Make much of Jesus … and see you soon sweet girl.  



Hills. Sydney City Waterloo. Sydney City Alexandria. Sydney South West. Sydney Greater West. Sydney Inner West. Sydney Northern Beaches. Newcastle. Melbourne East. Melbourne West. Melbourne City. Darwin Palmerston. Noosa. Gold Coast Surfers. Hobart. Brisbane Central Mt Gravatt. Perth. Bali. Church of the Air

“I would describe Sisterhood United across Australia & Bali as a watering hole – an oasis for the body, soul & spirit.

From beginning to end we went into sensory overload. From the gorgeous men with their gold bow ties serving the girls, to the red supper delights and rooms laced with red and gold! What a night and the girls came out in force!!!

We worshipped in wonder of our amazing God and we leaned in as Bobbie unpacked the Word. Our Senior Pastor is dearly loved and respected. Bobbie, thank you for giving heart and soul to the girls across the earth.
As always it was a highlight as girls new to this environment surrendered their heart to Jesus, and were undone in His presence. We live for this. So many precious stories.

The girls came with open hands and generously gave as we threw a “baby shower” for girls in remote Australia as well as hygiene products for girls in prison in Bali. We also honoured the modern day ‘Brave’ women in our midst… one in particular who has so boldly navigated the cancer journey this year. What a girl!!! Wow.

As for the girls of this wide brown land… we are “in” when it comes to Colour 2018 and we cannot wait for what the Lord has in store for our as we walk into next year’s Conference truly with the WIND IN OUR SAILS. We seriously don’t want anyone to miss out.”

Love Jules and all the Hillsong Aussie/ Bali girls.


LA. San Francisco

“Our Sisterhood United Night was amazing in L.A! The craziest thing is that we were not able to get our normal venue, so we were in a theatre that only two days before, had hosted a heavy metal band who are self-proclaimed “Satan worshippers”!!

We couldn’t wait to fill it with hundreds of women praising Jesus and fill it with the presence of God. The girls loved the invitation moment and we can’t wait for all that’s ahead!

In San Francisco, we were so excited to launch Sisterhood for the very first time!

It was incredible to be able to get the girls on the page and for them to hear from Bobbie. They loved it! And we have this incredible story – a girl reached out to us over social media about wanting to come but didn’t know anyone, so we had an amazing girl on team meet her out front. They came in, snapped a pic together in the photo booth and sat with each other. She is now connected with a bunch of girls and couldn’t believe the warmth and welcome she received! How awesome is that?

We felt an incredible lean in across the whole night! So excited for what’s ahead for the girls there and know this is only just the beginning.”

Love Lucille



“On a wintery Friday night in Copenhagen, we gathered for our final Sisterhood United Night of the year.
Here is one particular story from the night, which represents a similar experience of so many women…

… a woman came for the first time. She had attended church for some months, but never been to any Sisterhood event.

She did not know what to expect of the night and came with an attitude of ‘I will just check this out’.
The guys in their gold bow ties, serving delicious foods and drinks, welcomed her – she was overwhelmed.

She walked into the foyer & her eyes were HUGE!!! She had never experienced anything like this. She told me that this was the kind of community she had been searching for and wished she had invited all her girlfriends to be there. She experienced an environment where people were caring and really interested in who she is and how she was doing.

She loved everything about her first Sisterhood United Night!”

Love Kat


Dominion. Guildford. Kent. Bermondsey. Oxford. Newcastle

“We gathered in 6 locations across the UK. It was a really special night, the girls really leant in and the room was engaged, especially during the ’Hugh Jashman’ moment. Ha! Lots of laughter and clapping. But seriously the girls felt like Bobbie was really in the room!

We had our first Sisterhood gathering in Milan where girls gathered in a home to watch the message. We also had girls gathered in a home in Edinburgh for the first time.

The girls really rallied, as they always do, with our Christmas Angel Tree Initiative. This weekend we gave out nearly 1000 Angel Tree gift cards which will enable us to give gifts to vulnerable adults and children this Christmas, including; the elderly, refugees, children of sex workers, vulnerable youth, children whose fathers are in prison and carers within the social work sector.”

Love Cathy


São Paulo. Buenos Aires

“Be the change: São Paulo
As a Sisterhood, we were able to collect around 1044 hygiene products for an emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence. We will be visiting the shelter with our Sisterhood pamper zone team to show them some love and prepare a Christmas lunch for all of them this December.

Be the change: Buenos Aires
As a Sisterhood, we were able to go into a nursing home. Most of these elderly women are lonely with no family. We went with 18 volunteers and prepared an afternoon tea for around 50 women. We painted their nails, had conversations with them and sang a few Christmas carols. They were blown away that we would take the time to bless them. The professionals who were responsible for their care were very moved by what we were able to do and they want to maintain and build a relationship with us.

One of our leaders shared with us that her sister has been going through depression and it has been a very tough season in her life. She was praying a lot and was hoping she would accept her invite to attend Sisterhood United Night. On Friday, when she arrived, at first she had some emotional conflict even before the start of the service. She said that she was so confused when she saw that all the volunteers were so happy and full of joy, serving one another and creating this “thing” that made her feel so valued and important. She couldn’t understand what was going on! She felt something very different on that night, she loved everything about it, and started smiling and even her posture was different from that moment on. She raised her hands, worshiped God and accepted Jesus into her life.”

Love Lucy


Barcelona. Madrid

“The atmosphere was great in both locations and the girls loved Bobbie’s message.

In Barcelona, we had huge lines of girls around the block – making some people curious so we had a few girls that just came from the street, and paid their ticket just to see what’s happening inside and some got saved that night!!

We have some awesome stories… here are three:
– we invited a group of girls from a human trafficking shelter. At the beginning they were all so shy. I had some of our key girls and myself going and welcoming them and they started to relax and enjoy the pamper zone. They explained how shocked they were by the kindness and value that they could feel in the place. Some of them got saved and said they have never before felt that someone could bring so much value and honor to them and had never been treated like that before.

– one of our girls invited her piano teacher and she was so surprised that church was a fun place. She gave her life to Jesus and is very excited to see what her next step is.

– one of our girls brought her workmate to S’hood. This was the first time this girl was going to a church. Our girls connected with her, and was amazed by the atmosphere of friendship she could sense in the place. She raised her hand at the end of the service and said to our team that she couldn’t believe she has missed this for all her life. She wants to join a CG and be part of church!

Social Causes:
*Hillsong Madrid : the girls brought items like shoes, winter jackets, blankets etc. for an orphanage.
*Hillsong Barcelona: we asked what the need of different orphanage was and they gave us all the letters that kids wrote to Santa or the Three wise men (it’s a big tradition here) and we put them on a Christmas tree in the welcome lounge with each kid’s name on a red envelope that had the letter inside. The girls took them home and brought the toys in time for Christmas. Without Sisterhood Barcelona these kids would never receive their Santa or 3 wise men gifts.”

Love Damsy


Cape Town. Somerset West. Century City. Gugulethu. Mitchell’s Plain. Stellenbosch. Pretoria. Johannesburg. Centurion

“On the 25 November, we hosted Sisterhood United in 10 locations across South Africa. The rooms were filled with expectant hearts and as any Sisterhood; it was nothing short of a miracle seeing thousands of women from different cultures and backgrounds, worshipping together on a Saturday morning. We had a summer market filled with the world’s biggest bake sale, our very own Sisterhood merchandise, Christmas causes and of course our famous red carpet at every location! It’s truly miraculous to see the change in the hearts of our women and the impact that a consistent Sisterhood has in our nation!

This Sisterhood in particular was VERY special for us, because the ladies from Macassar got to experience the Sisterhood gathering with their local sisters – in their own town for the very first time!

Our Hillsong Somerset West campus and The Hillsong Africa Foundation have been actively involved in Macassar since 2015 with our Shine and Strength courses in schools, the community and police stations; it was so exciting to host Sisterhood in this small fishing town.

Macassar and its surrounding communities are known for their outstanding hospitality, which creates a strong social fabric, but issues such as gang violence, rape, prostitution, and murder are very real in day-to-day life.

Hosting Sisterhood in Macassar was a huge blessing to the community! The women came expectant, caught the vision in their hearts, and left refreshed. We saw such unity, hope and encouragement between the women as they realised that they are not doing life alone, but are part of a global Sisterhood. They loved being pampered, drinking coffee, and eating treats in a loving environment created just for them!

Our local Sisterhood Cause was our Christmas Appeal. This is an initiative where every person can play a part to be a blessing to someone in need this Christmas Season.

Altogether it is a great honour to be able to establish the Sisterhood across South Africa and see many women find Jesus and experience huge life change. Thank you for the honour and we believe the best is yet to come.”

Love Lucinda


Konstanz. Düsseldorf. München. Zürich

“Our night in Konstanz was just as our team and I had hoped, planned and prayed for. The building was filled to overflowing. The girls had invited and brought their friends and family. God’s presence was astounding.  And just as it should be; there was light and shade – unplanned hilarity and moments of awe and wonder. One of my favourite moments was honouring Dianne. She arrived in our country a little over a year ago.  Forced to flee Syria and leave her mother and disabled brother behind. This young 18 year old bride travelled in the hope of safety with her new husband. She fell pregnant on the journey but continued, walking through Serbia, Turkey and Hungary before finally being offered emergency shelter in Germany. One of our local girls Lili met her and has come alongside. She brings her to sisterhood every week. As the women heard Dianne’s story they gasped – maybe for some of them it just became more real. Here she stood, this fragile young woman in our midst. We honoured her for her bravery with a girl’s day out -lunch, shopping, manicure etc. but perhaps most important of all a day surrounded with new girlfriends.

Düsseldorf was such a win! I feel like the volunteers had just as much fun as the women who came for Sisterhood United. One of my highlights was speaking with Linda.  She brought 10 friends, because she wanted them to “experience the environment that changed her life”. Earlier this year we hosted a Sisterhood Brunch and where I spoke a message based on words Bobbie at Colour – “Stand tall and continue”. Lina was so strengthened and inspired that she decided to set her fears aside and start her own business and it is flourishing! All of her friends had such an amazing time, they said they felt like stars ❤ I love that!

These nights are truly life defining and life shaping for many women who come. It’s almost a taste of Colour and we can’t wait to see what God does at conference”

Love Joanna


Paris. Lyon. Geneva. Marseille

“What an incredible Sisterhood United was in Paris! With Lyon, Geneva and Marseille still to go.

I loved seeing the girls come with expectation. Great stories of lives touched but I have to say this one in particular really did it for me. A lady who worked at the venue came inside the auditorium at one point and was so touched by atmosphere and Bobbie’s words. When she came out she asked for a Bible. Thank You Jesus. Best days ahead with this amazing message of value and empowerment across these cities!”

Love Camille



“Sisterhood United Night rolled out in Phoenix to the amazement and delight of all the girls who joined us.

We had a strong attendance on a midweek night, in the suburbs, on a school final exams evening which goes to show that the girls came out strong from all 5 campuses. We also had a couple of local pastors in attendance.

The lawn and lobby were gorgeous with beautiful and lavish food, outdoor seating, silks and posters, and the atmosphere of the line up was interactive and expectant. The opener and invitation moments were incredible and lifted our local context. The girls really showed their gratitude with lean in and generosity by engaging in worship and the fun moments.

The connection to your message was so moving I could hardly hold back the tears. And the response in the room to the link mirrored and sometimes was ahead of the spontaneous laughter and applause from the Sydney service. In other words, they got it!!! And… they loved Drover.

The iHelp Women’s Shelter (for battered women and children) that we sponsor, brought several women. I was moved to tears as I looked over while we were singing and saw a young girl run to the front to worship who just a few weeks ago had stowed all that she owned behind a shrub to attend service for the first time.

Our Local Impact Project bring-a-long items were for the Refugee Christmas Party – which we will host at our Phoenix Downtown Campus. This CityCare outreach serves over 1000 refugee children (and their families) from 70 nations in one day.”

Love Judith


Oslo. Drammen. Tønsberg. Egersund. Sandnes. Stavanger. Kristiansand. Karmoy

“We gathered in 8 locations across Norway. It was a really special night, our first Sisterhood United gathering as part of Hillsong church. The girls felt like Bobbie was present in the room, and responded with laughter and clapping, lots of clapping especially when you mentioned Norway. They really enjoyed being included and to be a part of this global happening. It was a highlight when we handed out the Colour invitation, and it seems like the girls received it as a personal invitation.

We had our first Sisterhood gathering in Kristiansand and girls gathered in a home to watch the message. We also had girls gathered in a home in Karmoy. The other locations Oslo, Drammen, Tønsberg, Egersund, Sandnes, Stavanger gathered in different venues.

We gave people the chance to buy a Liberty Scarf – knitted by survivors from human trafficking, through A21. See campaign:

In some locations we supported our CityCare Christmas appeal, which will enable us to give Christmas gifts and food crates to vulnerable adults and children this Christmas, in cooperation with the local governments.”

Love Brit


Stockholm. Gothernburg

“The Sisterhood United night where we hand out the Colour Conference invitation is a highlight every year, and the days leading up to it are often an adventure with deadlines and preparations. Five hours before the night was about to start this year, we were a bit nervous as the invitations (translated into Swedish) had been delayed and not yet delivered. They finally arrived in Stockholm and one of our volunteers jumped into a car and drove for five hours straight to Gothenburg so that the girls there would get their invitations as well. He arrived right before it was time to prepare and hand the invitations out. We love the men in our world who help building Sisterhood!

Stockholm and Gothenburg was powerful, fun and impacting, and more girls than ever came on board and got to experience God bringing “wind to their sails”. They brought a lot of toiletries and gifts for women who live at a secure shelter and for girls who are forced to sell themselves on the streets. What a great opportunity to be “My sister’s keeper”!”

Love Lina


“Here are a few highlights…

• One of our faithful women from New Jersey does a lot of work with survivors of domestic violence, having been through it herself. She got up and bravely shared her story, as well as encouraged women to not be silent and ask for help, as this is the power of Sisterhood. As a surprise, we were then able to honor her for her work in the community as well as her leadership in our church.

• We had women waiting in line 3 hours before service, surprised the girls with a mid-service snack #popcorn, and had fun with the photo booth!

We collected 14,793 feminine hygiene products (pads, tampons & liners) to donate them to a local organization serving survivors of domestic violence.”

Love Laura



“We had a great evening, where it just seemed that all of the girls were impacted. There was one story of the night that I think really exemplifies the heart of Sisterhood. “Over the last 3 years our Sisterhood team have been running the Shine program in a government run shelter for human trafficking victims (named the Shelter).

We’ve invited girls who are going through the program to Sisterhood United before, and sometimes one of them joins. However, this Sisterhood United we had 8 girls there from the Shelter, with even some of them not speaking English or Dutch at all. But the way they walked around, got pampered, were shopping and just being around other women caused them to go through the night with constant smiles on their faces. This might seem “normal” for us, but one of the Shine trainers mentioned how she for the first time (after knowing this girl for over 6 months) saw this lady smile.”

Be the Change/Social Justice:
We collected 143 items (toys and gift vouchers) for children of men who are in prison”

Love Debbie


“We did Sisterhood United Night last night in Kiev and it was truly amazing! We had fun and tears, funny moments and serious ones.

Being in the hall and looking at the girls and the reaction of the girls who came last night, I became more and more aware of how I personally have fallen in love with God each time and His idea of the Sisterhood!

It’s amazing to see how girls of completely different stages of life and ages can take each other by the hand and say words of life and encouragement in each other’s lives.

And the message… it was such an important reminder for girls to go home and make much of Jesus and that we all have a story to tell! When I invited the new girls to pray and open their hearts for Jesus, before last call I reminded them again that ‘He knows your story and your song and it’s so important for Him’. I saw how the hands starts to rise up one by one – it was so beautiful and significant.

I am endlessly thankful for the privilege to be part of this journey”

Love Natasha D


“We had our first ever Sisterhood get together of any kind in Israel, hosted in one of the girls’ apartments followed by brunch together. They leant in to every moment and were so hungry for more in the future. There was a huge cheer whenever Ps Bobbie mentioned Tel Aviv.

The girls hosting the morning gave out the Colour invitations as a special moment during the item. It was really special for the girls and they felt so included.

The girls were excited about Colour Conference and for many of them this was their first experience of Sisterhood and exposure to Colour from Bobbie!

Two of the girls sent me the following messages:
“It was so touching and amazing to be as one sisterhood to have the same scenario and to feel that we are involved in such big vision and movement. In the finish we prayed with pastor and worshipped with one last song. It was amazing. Really. Each girl didn’t miss any second.”
“Thank you, Ps. Bobbie and you, Catrina for making it possible for us! We love you!!!❤”

Love Catrina


“We finally had our amazing sisterhood night yesterday!

There was lots of girls, delicious food, and a cool photo zone. Girls were responding to your message, clapped and laughed and cried – everything we girls are doing! And when you said about ‘’Jagannath” – it was hilarious!! And they loved the invitation.

We did Local impact project for single moms who have disabled kids. We are doing church project for kids, but with sisterhood we chose to take care about moms.

Thank you!! Thank you for empowering women of the northern hemisphere!”

Love Anya