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Feb 14 2018

I went to visit the concentration camps from Second World War. The stories of how girls, women and men were abused and killed wrecked me. On my way home, I struggled with the question why? I asked God why He allowed this injustice to happen? To my surprise, the question was asked of me, “How could you allow this to happen?” As our generation does when we have questions, I Googled it. This is when I stumbled upon the atrocity of human trafficking. I couldn’t believe people were still being sold as slaves today. I thought – someone has to do something about this. Then I realised that I had to do something about it.

When I heard about the work of A21, 8 years ago – I wanted to be a part of this and serve their vision of abolishing injustice. After volunteering with them for 3 years, they invited me to start an A21 office in Norway; a challenge I wasn’t prepared for. I felt unqualified and I didn’t know if I had what it took. BUT, by God’s grace, He is using my life to make a difference. Now I get to use my “Mondays” to raise awareness around human trafficking and mobilise others to do the same, because I believe awareness is the key to ending slavery. By building relationships with governments, NGOs, law enforcement, politicians and everyday people – raising awareness and getting everyone on the same page – change can happen. I am the one God can use to make a difference in this world.