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Feb 14 2018

This story began more than four years ago – a small team of people, including myself, came to the Rest House. We offered our help; we swept, washed, polished, and washed again. One of the team asked, “When are we going to start evangelising?” Little did we know we were already doing just that – through our actions, which often speak louder than words. The home was for the elderly, and as volunteers, we were carefully watched and not easily trusted – but slowly our relationship with the residents softened as we spent time with them drinking tea and spoiling them with sweets. We gathered the first Connect Group, but the enthusiasm of some of the volunteers began to fade. I started asking myself, “Is this my ministry? Do I really need to be doing this?” I had 100 excuses why I could not come to the Rest House every Saturday. It really was a sacrifice, of your efforts, time, money, emotions and nerves. This was my conviction, “If not me, then who?” I am so grateful to God who not only did a work in my heart but also in the hearts of some of the girls around me.

The ministry in the Rest House has risen to a new level after we made a firm decision to stick it out and serve these people. Every Saturday, we barely walked on water, trusting God every step we made. Our vision is to see everyone in the Rest House come to know their Saviour Jesus. Over the last four years, our ministry has grown from one Connect Group of ten people and four volunteers to five Connect Groups attended by 40 to 50 people – we also hold a service at the end of each month (where people can hear the worship, the Word from the pastor and share communion). We have reached out to every person in the Rest House, shared the Gospel, and have already seen over 200 people accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. We continue to see the miracles of salvation, healing, releasing – we are happy to be part of changing people’s lives.