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Feb 14 2018

I was born in Iraq but have lived in Australia for 21 years now. I am a freelance photographer, product stylist and fashion blogger. I have always wanted to use my gifts to influence and help others and people in greater need. I started my business 3 years ago; it was something I always wanted to do. When I first went to pursue this dream, I didn’t get into the program I wanted; I thought maybe photography wasn’t for me and tried my hand at other things. But it was three years ago that I felt it was both the right timing and I had the courage and trust in God to start.

Four years ago, I felt God had said, “tell the stories of those who have been forgotten”. I didn’t know exactly what that looked like or how I was meant to outwork this. It wasn’t until 2017 that I stepped out of my comfort zone and hosted an exhibition to raise funds and awareness for “Preemptive Love”. I first heard about this organisation at Vision Sunday in 2017, which stirred a passion for this cause. I knew I needed to do something with what I had in my hand. “Tell their stories!” I chose to tell the story of Esther, going through her emotions and what she may have felt when faced with the challenge to defend ‘others’. I knew she stood for justice, overcame great adversaries, and brought freedom to her people. It brought great joy to my heart knowing how much of a difference we made together that day.

Hearing Pastor Brian’s message at Vision Sunday on ‘You are the one’ encouraged me to step out and finally do what God put in my heart all those years ago; to use my gifts for justice! I see myself using my industry and influence to bring awareness around social justice and the message of freedom. I see the opportunity to empower and encourage others to use their gifts. Often I meet people, with great ideas and the desire to serve, but they feel unsure or afraid to step out. I would love to facilitate the space and simply help others unlock and pursue their God dreams.