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Feb 14 2018

I’m an IT Project Manager, but I also volunteer with Hillsong CityCare where I help out with the Shower Bus and Street Teams. We volunteer as a family, which is amazing. I experienced a lot of hardship growing up having lost my dad at the age of 20 and my mum at 22. The church, family and friends really stepped in to help us financially and offered support and encouragement. The help we received from God through people we had never met in church, has made me realise all these years later that God has now blessed us so we too can be a blessing to others, which is why we volunteer through CityCare. Our passion and hope is that God would work through us to show all those that we meet the truth about who they are and how He sees them. Sunday is where I am filled with hope and passion to the point where it overflows into everyone I meet on my Monday. All the teachings support me through my own life experiences and these life experiences then become stories and examples I can use to share with others.

My prayer for 2018 is to see God create more opportunities for us to love people who feel, isolated including people we serve and also people in our teams. We pray for God to show us how we can be more effective with what we have, for example by empowering other volunteers to do what they do well and ensuring that those we help grow, become independent. I also hope to equip myself through online study through Hillsong College.