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About the PEACE Music Video

Mar 14 2018

UPDATE: We’ve continued to receive many comments on the P E A C E music video and although we’ve had lots of really encouraging feedback, we‘ve also heard reports that the video didn’t sit well with some people.

The truth is that the video was well-intended and we still believe it was a good depiction of the song’s subject matter. However, we‘re concerned that the message of the song has become overshadowed by controversy due to the music video, and that doesn’t sit well with us at all.

So, we’ve decided to remove the video from YouTube.

For us, the most important thing of all is that our music invites people to experience the peace, grace and goodness of Jesus – and all else is a distant second to that aim!


Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to watch and engage with our new music video for P E A C E.

As many of you know, this song is an especially significant one for us because it deals with such an important subject – anxiety – which so many young people are struggling with.

We are passionate about the freedom that is found in God’s peace and we’re praying that this song becomes an anthem of the heart for those who need it the most.

When it came to making this video, we deliberately chose to represent the struggle of anxiety, along with the refuge that is found in God’s peace, in a symbolic way, allowing each young person who watched it to respond to it personally.

We know that art is always interpreted through each individual’s unique and special frame of reference, but it seemed extra important for us to make space for that to happen in this video, given how varied every experience with anxiety can be.

Cesar A. Cruz famously said “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable,” so we’re pleased to hear that so many of you have found the comfort of God’s peace through the artwork of this music video.

Thank you to those who have bravely shared with us how you relate to the video’s depiction of struggling with anxiety, laying down the urge to fight the battle in your own strength, and finding release in God’s peace. Please pray with us that many more young people dealing with anxiety receive the good news of God’s peace through the video.

For some, our visual representation of anxiety in the video might trigger some confronting feelings. In this case, it’s vitally important that you speak to someone who can help you process what you’re feeling. In Australia, two options are Lifeline and Beyond Blue. We’ve included phone numbers and websites as well as options for the United States and United Kingdom at

From our perspective, it would be a total tragedy if those who need the message of God’s peace, instead get caught up in anxiety due to over-analyzing the symbols in the music video. So, please do reach out to someone who can help if you need to.

As the Y&F team, we are more determined than ever be faithful to our calling of communicating the message of Jesus, who by nature and definition is the Prince of Peace. We’re working hard to refine our crafts, steward our talents, and create ‘artworks’ that give young people a glimpse of God’s divine mystery that makes them want to know more. Thanks for being the best supporters ever as we give it our best.

Love you guys,
Hillsong Young & Free