Joanna Haverkamp 2016: Konstanz Sisterhood

Mar 7 2018

Joanna Haverkamp, Lead Pastor of Hillsong Germany, shares the story of their Sisterhood weekly gatherings starting in Konstanz, Germany. A few years into their journey as a Sisterhood, the women gathered together to pray and write letters of encouragement to the the German Chancellor Angela Merkel – a woman in a position of influence and under great pressure – to encourage her after her controversial migration policy to allow 1.1 million refugees.

How can you #bethechange as a group in your local community? It doesn’t take much to be a blessing. What’s in your hand? Who might be in need around you? Visit the Colour Sisterhood and follow @coloursisterhood on Instagram for more inspiration and to join a movement of everyday women seeking the make the world a better place.

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