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"Oldies & Tots": Tara's Story

Mar 6 2018

Sometimes it’s easy to find yourself looking at so much need in your community and asking, “what is the church doing to address this need?” forgetting that WE are the church. We carry the love of Jesus with us wherever we find ourselves – at work, at the school gates, or other places in our local communities.

As a small group of Hillsong Sisterhood mums in London, we started a group affectionately called ‘Oldies & Tots’, in an effort to bridge the gap between the generations. We visit local care homes for the elderly with our children, spend time with the residents, sing nursery rhymes or old time classics, share a story, and maybe do a craft activity. (The impact that babies and children have on the elderly, particularly those with Alzheimer’s, is now being recognised as one that can improve cognitive abilities and vascular health.)

This isn’t a new idea ­– it’s something our church has done in other towns, but we wanted to #bethechange in our own backyard. Something quite beautiful materialised as it blossomed into a local community project, with over 200 people from the community getting involved and others from neighbouring areas doing the same thing in their own communities.

I’ve heard it said (and I’ve even said myself) “I don’t feel called to this or that ministry” but caring about the elderly is not my ministry, it is my humanity. It is my compassion, my clarity of Christ in my own community. I am so glad I didn’t confine myself to only responding to my specific ‘calling’, but answered the wider calling of Christ ­– to love, simply by giving my community what I had, which is time, company and energetic children!

– Tara, London

The Colour Sisterhood is a growing movement of everyday women responding to the simple invitation to #bethechange in local and global communities. Be inspired by other examples of women noticing an opportunity, following what’s in their heart, and making a difference in their local community at

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