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The Cooking Sisterhood: Pip's Story

Mar 6 2018

It all started with a simple conversation and a chicken casserole.

Pip was chatting with a friend as they drove home from dinner one night when an idea struck!

Her friend was going to visit someone in church who was going through a tough time and was bringing a meal for them. Pip wasn’t able to visit herself but remembered that she had frozen chicken casserole in the freezer at home.

And from there, the Cooking Sisterhood was born! (#iamasisterhoodcook)

Pip recognised how simple it was for her to take something that was in her hand and use it to bless others. She explains, “I work full time, I love cooking; it’s not that hard to cook for an extra two people and it’s a real blessing for people.”

A small group of women gather on a Saturday morning to cook and pray. Pip has lost count of the number of families they’ve been able to bless with meals and says, “The power of these meals is so much more than just the dinner.”

“That’s the Colour Sisterhood,” Pip says, “Coming together, realising what God has put in your heart, and getting the confidence and a push to go and do something. Different people, different lives, different seasons, different backgrounds, but we all have a focus and a drive to do something and together we can make a massive difference.”

Pip took one simple individual action, which was a catalyst for ongoing action as part of a group response to a local need.

What’s in your hand that you could use to make a difference for someone?

Visit and follow @coloursisterhood on Instagram for information, tools, and inspiration to #bethechange in your world.

Reflect. Respond. Rally. #iamsisterhood