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When She Called Me Mum: Kendra's Story

Mar 5 2018

At Colour Conference 2015 Brian Houston preached a message on writing down your vision and working towards it, it ended by challenging all of the women who attended to write a “dream board” for their lives. Sitting in the conference that year, Kendra, a single professional woman working in London, had a sense that she was going to be a mum to children who didn’t have their own mums, or children who weren’t her own.

She started doing some research and it became apparent that she had many misconceptions of who could be a foster parent. She didn’t have to be a part of a couple, and there were many children that needed a home but that didn’t involve giving up her job and staying home. Being a mum wasn’t something she had to put off anymore, she could step into the gap for children desperately in need of a family right now.

“There’s a girl, we’re looking for a home for her,” the voice on the other end of the phone said. After a process of a few weeks, Kendra and her foster daughter’s stories intertwined.

There were days that were really hard and when Kendra wanted to give up, but she relied on support from friends and church family, who helped love her foster daughter back to wholeness.

“When she called me mum for the first time, that was really special,” Kendra says.

Kendra has seen her foster daughter become a beautiful, confident, brave young woman who can now say, “It’s fine to be who you are and you’re still loved and looked after by someone. I can be myself. I can be free because I’m safe and I’ve got a foster mum who looks after me.”

Perhaps there is something that you have been putting off getting involved with because you are unsure whether you can contribute. All it might take is some research and finding out what you have in your hand and capacity to actually #bethechange for vulnerable children, women, or nations.

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