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EXPERIENCE THE ROOM - Colour Conference 2018

I will never forget my first Colour Conference. It was 2016, and I found myself in Sydney, Australia. I was there amongst many brand new and beautiful faces. Not even knowing what to expect, I encountered a loving and faithful God. I worshipped him like never before and heard his voice in a brand new way. I learned that my feminine heart is not a weakness but an intentionally designed and purposed strength fashioned in the hands of a good Father for such a time as this. I saw value placed on womanhood and what we girls have to offer the world around us.

– Anna



Now, in 2018, Pastor Bobbie and the amazing  Colour Team invite you to come and experience the room. Come with an open heart and find a safe environment where you can encounter God’s powerful presence. The table is set for you to see God’s nature and heart in a fresh way!

At Colour, we gather together as God’s girls and invite Him to breathe on our lives. We ask Him to show us how we can be the change to our everyday worlds – whether at home or in our places of work.

You will have the opportunity to meet lovely women of God, hear encouraging and engaging messages, and worship with everything you have. God has more for your precious life – come and see.