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8 Things I Love About Being A Mom

1. Baby cuddles! This was the first thing that came to my mind. I love having a cute, tiny human around that loves to be held, hugged and kiss. Well, most of the time at least!

2. Trips to Disneyland. Obviously.

3. Paving the way for her future. I love dreaming about the kind of human my little one is going to become. I want to be the kind of mom that is always encouraging and speaking life into whatever my daughter loves and is passionate about pursing. The opportunity to nurture and steward her potential is an absolute gift.



4. Adventuring. Taking my daughter out to see the world is one of the most rewarding things I do with my time. She is so curious about everything and every new adventure is a moment of discovery in her little mind.

5. Learning the discipline of selflessness. I am convinced there are few things in life that teach you how to be selfless as quickly as parenting does!

6. Revelations of the Father’s Love. I think it is hard for anyone to truly and fully understand how much God loves us as our Father. When you have a child of your own you catch glimpses of how much He loves us through your relationship with your own children. The thought that He sacrificed His own son for our sake is unfathomable once you have your own child. It brings you closer to understanding truly how deep, how wide, how long and how high His love for us is.



7. Knowing I’m investing in the next generation. There are many ways that we can invest into the generation that is coming after us, but raising a child of your own to know, love and serve God is one of the most amazing ways to ensure that the future is secure.

8. Stretching my capacity. “I wish I was as tired as I thought I was before I had kids…” One of my favorite quotes! Ha! It’s amazing how when you become a Mom you suddenly have super human strength to function on so little sleep. Having a child strengthens you and stretches you in ways that you never thought possible. But we know that this kind of stretching, this kind of pain, produces character in you like nothing else.


– Alicia Simila