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Dear Mom...

Dear Mom,
Mother’s Day is almost here, and I want to honor you. Being a mother is not a simple task. There should probably be a “Mother’s Week,” but the calendar gives us this one special day. So here I am doing the best I can to put into to words all the ways you’ve taught me and helped me and guided me.
I could tell you many things in this letter.  I could thank you for making me read so many books as a child. I could thank you for teaching me how to do algebra, how to make an amazing model volcano, or how to make delicious chocolate chip cookies. I could thank you for instilling in me the constant desire to continuously learn. I could thank you for teaching me how to be a gracious host to anyone who comes into my house. I could thank you for teaching me how to always be kind to others. I could thank you for teaching me the importance of the truth, even when it was a hard lesson to learn. I could thank you for always believing in my dreams.
There’s an endless list of things you’ve taught me in my life. As I get older I recognize it more and more.  You’re an incredible mom. Sometimes you don’t see it, which makes me sad, because it’s hard to think of a mom more devoted to making sure her children have more than her. But the things I’d like to thank you for the most are all the lessons you’ve taught me on how to be more like Jesus.
You’ve always taught me not to leave the outcast behind but to care for those who are neglected. Throughout my life – and even before it – you’ve consistently opened your doors to those in need. You’ve taught me to trust God with everything I have, even when it’s been difficult. Most importantly, you’ve taught me everyday through your example what a real relationship with God looks like. There are few days I can remember where I haven’t seen you reading your Bible or praying. You’ve always been my example for my relationship with Jesus. It might not be perfect, but yours is one filled with authenticity and consistency. It’s all I can hope to strive towards in my walk with Jesus.
Thank you mom, for being an incredible mom, but even more so, for being an incredible example of a Godly woman. This is the best lesson you have taught all of your children.
Happy Mother’s Day Mom!
Love you!