Pentecost For All

On Sunday the 20th of May, the global church celebrated Pentecost Sunday, the day when the Holy Spirit descended upon a gathering of women and men in Jerusalem mere days after Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Many Christians today (like Pentecostals) see this event, recorded in Acts 2, as a key part of their denominational identity. But, it doesn’t mean that Pentecost is only relevant for Pentecostals! Pentecost Sunday was also the birth of The Global Church.

At Hillsong College, our student body comes from all types of different Christian backgrounds. The College isn’t just about one particular movement or expression of Jesus on the planet. We are interested in the local church, in whatever flavour that looks like. Just like Pentecost, Hillsong College is for every Christian. Having a diversity of backgrounds in our student body means that students get to learn to study, serve, work, and worship together, unified around the cause of Christ whilst celebrating our differences.

Christians can sometimes be known more for their division than for their unity. At College, we have the privilege to be an example of unity for the global Church. We work together under the Name above all names, so that the message of Jesus Christ can be made known to the world.