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What We Love About Our Dads

Dads. What can we say?!

When we’re young, we love them because they play with us and race us down the side walk. Then as we get older, the way our dad shows his love grows with us. As young teenagers, he might show his love by bringing us a bottle of his favorite soda each time he buys one for himself. Then suddenly you’re 18 and visiting a college on the other side of the country. As you enter the airport, you clutch the folder of information Dad put together for you, itinerary included. At 22 he’s following all your friends on Instagram to stay a part of your life. At 24, you’ve graduated from college and Dad’s emailing you every job posting he thinks you’re right for…which turns out to be quite a few you’re very under qualified for. Now you’re 30, and Dad’s carrying your kid on his shoulders while running after another through a field. Next thing you know your 50, and he’s telling you stories about his glory days. All dads are different, and they all have different ways in which they show that they care.



As quirky as a Dad’s love can sometimes seem, it can also be the greatest example of our Father in Heaven. He’ll always be there to keep you safe and to push you to be the greatest version of yourself. He picks you up when you fall – literally and figuratively.

Dads are so special, and no matter what age you are there are very few things that top a father’s special brand of love. From eyerolling Dad jokes to instructions on how to change a tire to those entirely-too-long-explanations every time you ask a question, there’s nothing that can replace a great dad.


This Father’s Day, we honor you Dad’s. We celebrate all the things you’ve taught us and all of the joy you’ve brought to our lives. You’ve given up so much to care for us. Most of all, we honor the example you’ve shown us of the Father’s love. May your day be showered in new ties and colorful socks. Thank you Dad! You’re the best!