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How to Start a Creative Team Night

Jul 24 2018

So, you’re thinking about Team Night? Good – we have found in multiple settings across a bunch of countries that tmnght can be the way to build skill, culture, and ownership into a creative team. It is one of our greatest leadership tools to help our church grow in this crucial area.

If you’re not sure about where to start or what to do, hopefully this will help a little.

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Each Team Night must meet these three principles – they are essentially the reason why we have Team Night in the first place:

+ Build disciples of Christ

+ Strengthen the culture you aim to build in your creative community

+ Prepare for the church event / weekend service to come

As a result, each Team Night can (and should) look different from location to location, and even week to week. 

We are constantly trying to do new things – even at our Hills campus – that meet the three goals above. Everything we do in a Team Night, from worship to fun games and team honour moments, is intentional in its purpose. 

We strive to keep the mood positive and light, the creative expression inspiring and Christ focussed, and the development of people intentional – whether it’s through training, a talk from one of our key team, or something that strengthens our commitment to walk with God and build the Church.

Because of this, no two Team Nights are EXACTLY the same. We love it this way.

Each venue also works with their unique opportunities and challenges to achieve these goals. Teams size, venue availability, and church calendar all become large factors.

For some, Team Night is after a Sunday morning service. For others, it’s a 90min program in their church building. And when we DO have a full meeting… we endeavour to make it feel like something fresh, unique, inspiring, and well… creative. We change how we do worship.

Here’s a very rough list of suggestions for what you could / should expect for a Team Night composed of teams of varying sizes and budgets.

+ A team lunch after church on Sunday.

+ Gathering for dinner in someone’s home.

+ Getting together to watch a Team Night message from our central campus.

+ Meeting in a hired rehearsal studio / room to rehearse the set for Sunday. 

+ A night in your church venue or local hall with worship – prayer for your church and leadership – and rehearsal for upcoming church services.

Essentially, the one rule when it comes to Team Night, is that there is no rule. Provided you meet the three guiding principles head on in a way that draws the best out of your team. 

Team Night should never be a burden on your team – as they’re the ones it’s intended to build up! Make sure your Team Night sparks life into the heart of your team, and is overwhelmingly positive in nature. 

Some elements you may consider for a Team Night run-sheet:

Worship… in a different style to what your team may be used to.

A short message / devotion from one of your leaders.

Interview with a team member or leader.

A game or something light hearted that keeps the atmosphere bright.

A short film one of your team has made.

A presentation on an area of creativity that may prove interesting to your team.

An item or creative moment that highlights a different area of creativity.

A workshop or masterclass on different skills.

Playback of a message or something similar from another location.

Nothing is off limits!!

Team Night will be the biggest builder of your culture – so be intentional about what you feature, what comprises the night and the overall tone of your Team Night. You will find your Team Night is the single greatest chance you get to to speak into your team at a heart level as well as a practical level. It is an opportunity not to be missed.

Don’t get to caught up in the specifics early on. Make sure you are fiercely guarding your culture and valuing your people’s time. If you make sure Team Night is a high value experience, they will want to keep coming – and you will be able to build something lasting and healthy.


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