This is for EVERYONE

Aug 3 2018

Dear friends,

This year’s Invitation to the 2019 Hillsong Conference is adorned with bold language designed to stir not only spirit and soul to what is immediate and before us, but also to what lies ahead of us as the collective and commissioned Body of Christ.

The words and statements speak for themselves. THIS IS FOR EVERYONE has the capacity to gather anyone and everyone who believes or senses that they are alive for something larger than themselves. CHORUS, MELODY and HARMONY are strong metaphors painting images of a rising, unified and triumphant Church, and the idea of BRINGING to the table what is upon our lives suggests that God’s grace can and will find its target in our generation.

Among the 2019 line up, which always includes the global strength of Hillsong leadership and worship, are invited guests Bill Johnson, Joseph Prince, Earl McClellan and Louie Giglio.  Each will bring their own distinctive anointing to what God has planned and prepared for us.

Kidsong and the Young & Free youth conference enhance the family and generational event that it is, and over three decades of Hillsong conference history — championing the cause of local churches everywhere — has proven that leadership teams from all spheres of life always come away inspired and more equipped for where they find themselves serving.

Our prayer is that you’ll lean into this invitation with renewed zeal and passion, and that together the force and magnificence of God’s Kingdom on this earth will be felt as we engage the future together.

God bless you, your family, your church and your world of influence.

Brian and Bobbie Houston
Global Senior Pastors,
Hillsong Church