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It’s a Girl – Value Unearthed

Oct 10 2018

“It’s a girl!”  Three words usually heard in the delivery suite of a hospital that conjure up excitement, celebration and love, however sadly for many girls in much of the world, these three words are overshadowed by injustices, exploitation and lack of freedom and human rights.

Today is the United Nations ‘International Day of the Girl’ which aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights.

As a part of Colour Conference in 2017, we featured a documentary called ‘It’s A Girl – Value Unearthed’ (WATCH HERE) and I invite you (including you men) to watch it, perhaps for the first time or perhaps again.

There isn’t a man, woman or child born without potential; the seed of promise upon their lives. But life is not a fairy-tale; we all live within the boundaries of society and we are all affected by the mindsets and attitudes of others. But where do we develop these mindsets? What happens when people are truly believed in? Where do we go to discover our original purpose? What happens when ceilings are lifted off every life? And when it comes to girls in particular, what strengths are often quenched within the feminine heart?

I write in The Sisterhood book that freedom has many faces, it involves all manner of cause and effect, and it requires response from many angles.

Let’s together, be the change and place value on all girls, all women and all humanity.

Love Bobbie