Keeping a Widespread Team Close Knit

Oct 24 2018

As our Creative team here at Hillsong grows larger, we have to work diligently to make sure our teams everywhere feel connected to the purpose and heartbeat of our church.

Maintaining that connection to the bigger picture is critical to building a healthy culture that transcends an individual zip code. As teams spread across locations, and staff work from the four corners of our globe (a quick look at our conferences and events schedule alone can make me dizzy), staying CLOSE in both cause and direction is critical.


We do this through a few key measures across our church (including our annual all staff retreat, which is really a culture building master class from our senior pastors Brian and Bobbie).

Creatively speaking – one of the main tools we make use of is our ELEVATE nights with our creative pastors Cass and Rich Langton. We gather all the creative teams from across our locations in each state, and spend the night doing what matters most.

We worship together, encourage one another, and set aside time to seek God and his heart for our homes, families, and cities.

As we hold each others arms up, we realise we’re not in it alone; that others are running the same race of worship and creativity alongside us, and that the Cause we are attached to is bigger than we can often see on our own.

These nights together are incredibly intentional as we head towards big milestones in the calendar like our Worship and Creative Conference, Christmas festivities, and beyond. We need each other.

Creatives who think they work best in isolation simply haven’t worked out the power of relationships, unity, and agreement – and the creative supercharge they provide.

There is such great power in gathering together – a chorus of voices drawn together by a love for Jesus and His bride – the Church. As we fill these rooms with praise from campuses around our city, we believe like never before that we’ll hear God speak.

The style and form of these cross campus creative gatherings has changed over the years, and hopefully will continue to … but we hope to never lose sight of the power of gathering together under one Name.

The postcodes may be different, but the heart must be the same.

Our next cross campus gathering is this Thursday’s OPEN HEAVEN night in our Hills and City locations. We would love for you to join us as we worship and pray together for our communities.