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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

Oct 9 2018

Our multi-ethnic Asian community celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival at the Hills Campus in mid-September. Also known as Mooncake Festival, around 300 people gathered in the Convention Centre mainly from the local Hills community and surrounding areas.

It was a gathering of generations as people, both young and old joined in the festivities. Many came in the traditional and eloquent “Cheong Sam” (a traditional elegant Chinese dress) which blended spectacularly with the backdrop of red décor, beautifully embroidered paper umbrellas and nostalgic lanterns that decorated the foyer. A youth band from a Cherrybrook connect group sang and played a rendition of “The Moon Represents My Heart” – a very popular mandarin song, to the delight of the older generation.

After a short introduction by Kim Brinsden, the Multicultural Pastor at Hillsong Church, everyone feasted on a large buffet spread which sprawled over three massive tables. The sheer variety of the buffet left many in awe and once again, we are reminded of God’s goodness and generosity, akin to a rich harvest that has been brought forth to the tables.

The Hills Chinese Pastor Gordon Lee then aptly shared a short message on harvest (which is what the Mid Autumn Festival is all about), giving thanks to our one and only Father in heaven, the provider and giver of all harvests.

After praying for people to have harvest in their life, the congregation was treated to more music, including K-pop spins from the Korean community, Hillsong college students.

The event would not be complete without dessert, which included a delicious selection of the traditional moon cakes. Moon cakes are round (to signify the full moon) and the fillings are made of red bean or lotus seed paste, complete with yolks of salted duck eggs (although the more contemporary ones have green tea or even durian flavoured paste). The round cakes signify wholesomeness and completeness, typifying the finished work that Jesus did on the cross to bring redemption to all mankind.

Mid-Autumn Festival is an annual celebration that commemorates the traditional harvest season. Many Asian countries, including China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore celebrate the event, with colour, love, and and lots of food – much like our event!

What an awesome night! Everyone celebrated the harvest in complete jubilation that could come from no other. To God be the glory for all the things that He has done.