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Is Hillsong College the “Right Fit” for Me?

Nov 23 2018

In some places we feel like a square peg forced into a round hole – we just don’t fit.

We feel like we have to change who we are, to pass as something or someone that we’re not. Or maybe we are happy to be ourselves but we just feel out of place, like no one understands what we’re saying.

But, there are other places where you feel right at home from the start. You didn’t grow up there. You’re not from there. But the moment you enter the room you know that it feels like home. You don’t need to conform to anything. You can kick off your shoes and be yourself.

At Hillsong College we speak what you speak. Whatever language is yours, chances are that there are others of us here who speak it too. And the life of our Church community is broad and wide with plenty of opportunities to be yourself.

We welcome young adults and young at heart, working professionals, happily single, newly married, married with kids, or wherever you find yourself. As long as you are ready to be raised, equipped, empowered and released as you step into your monumental God-given future. Because home is where you come as you are and leave as the person you want to be. A place where every challenge is embraced with love and you can rest easy knowing that your uniqueness is what makes us family.

The door to Hillsong College is open, the table is set and everything is ready. The only thing missing is you.

Come to Hillsong College. There’s a place for you here.

Apply for Hillsong College (January or July 2019) today at

We’ll see you soon!