Nov 7 2018

“Shine and Strength are more than courses; they are a movement!”
– Heather, Shine UK Team Leader

With the three key concepts Worth, Strength and Purpose, the SHINE programmes for girls, women and vulnerable young women are unique personal development and group mentoring tools that takes girls and women on a journey towards a greater understanding of their value, strengths and potential regardless of their cultural, educational or socio-economic background. The courses celebrate everyone’s uniqueness, and explore the fact that we all have the power of choice and a voice. Furthermore, that every girl and woman can purposefully make decisions that shape their future in a positive way, set goals and build confidence to live out a life filled with purpose.

Heather has been volunteering with the Shine team for four years, and looks after the Shine Hillsong UK teams. She is passionate about going on a journey with people and seeing how the Shine programme impacts girls and women when when they discover for the first time, re-discover or grow in their understanding of their worth, strengths and purpose.

Heather first heard about Shine while she was working with young homeless people, serving in church and studying human rights. In all these areas, she encountered so many women and girls from all different walks of life at work, church and university, struggling with low self esteem, difficult relationships, poor mental and/or physical health, managing their emotions, lack of confidence and hope for the future. In her work it was amazing to see a 17 year old young person get off the streets or to help someone escape an abusive relationship and into safe accommodation, but frustrating to know their internal struggles might undo all the progress made.

Heather during A21’s Walk for Freedom, a Shine course and Colour 2018


So when Heather heard about Shine, her heart was sold. She felt it was an honour and a responsibility to be able to up-skill herself and be a part of something that would build truth in people and help them see how incredible they truly are, whilst learning how to manage their lives in the present and build a positive future. The more she found out about Shine and Strength (a programme for guys), the more she realised that these were tools that could be used to reach and empower women and men, boys and girls regardless of their circumstances. So Heather joined the team.

“From high flying, continent-hopping business women to women in prisons and girls in schools or safe houses, wherever we have told young or elderly ladies they have value and a purpose beyond their circumstances,” remembers Heather, “we have been blown away by the way we have seen them respond beautifully to this message. It’s essentially heaven’s narrative for humanity – that we have incredible worth, profound strength and a magnificent purpose.”

While being part of making an impact through Shine, Heather can also see how Shine has changed her as well. She feels her life has been impacted because she has stepped into something she feels called to do: “I never tire of watching women and girls rise up and become all they’re called to be. It just fills my heart with so much joy and as I watch them, in turn I have to do the same to keep making sure we create more opportunities for more women and girls to live life well with strength and purpose”.

If you want to find out more or join the movement, we have a Shine training day coming up on Saturday 10th of November. If you can’t join us on the day, however, and want to know more about Shine, email [email protected] or follow @ShineHillsongUK and @ShineGlobal on Instagram or Shine Global on Facebook.

And if you wish to join the team, you can be part of Shine or Strength in a variety of ways:

– Social Media / Graphic design / Photography / Videography: as we seek to frame and convey messages that inspire and challenge, build up and restore truth in people’s lives.
– Interior Design / Decorations / Crafts: as we try to create Colour moments for the girls who we might never get the opportunity to invite. Through Shine we can take our Sisterhood message to them.
– Mentors: as we seek to build positive role models through positive relations and influence people to help build their lives positive
– Facilitators: help lead courses that build and inspire women and girls with a life-giving environment that helps build people’s lives.
– Hosts and Hospitality: to help create a relaxed environment where people do truly feel our warm “welcome home”.