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Day 1 Enlarge your capacity

Jan 1 2019

Within each of us is an enormous capacity to fulfil our God-given call. To see our dreams fulfilled and to continue having influence in God’s Kingdom, our capacity must increase. And yet, many of us live well below our potential, limited by our ability to manage pressure and personal levels of stress. There is no shame in facing challenges – everyone does! Pressure and stress are a normal part of life. Quite simply, there is no such thing as a stress-free life!

The first step is to decide that you do not want to stay where you are. But that doesn’t mean trying to get rid of stress by running from it. It means becoming better at how you handle it. Believe it or not, when you approach stress in the right way, it can motivate you toward your dreams and goals.

Scholars believe Psalm 3 and 4 are a pair that were written by David on the same day. Psalm 3 was written on the morning, and Psalm 4 in the evening David was fleeing Jerusalem for his life as his own son, Absalom, and his cohorts pursued. In David’s distress, he turned to the Lord Who “enlarged” him through the pressure…

Psalm 4:1 (TPT)

God, you are my righteousness, my champion defender.

Answer me when I cry for help!

Whenever I was in distress, you enlarged me.

I’m being squeezed again—I need your kindness right away!

Grant me your grace, hear my prayer, and set me free!

You don’t have a stress issue, you have a capacity issue. If you run from the things that are applying pressure on you, you’ll step away from the path of purpose and live an unfulfilled and dissatisfied life. The key to increasing your capacity is to decide you will allow God to work in your life, to stretch you beyond your comfort zone and enlarge your capacity to overcome challenges.

Just as He did for David, God has answers for you amid your stress—He can increase your capacity!


Lord, help me to remember to trust You when I am facing pressure and stress. You have promised to strengthen and enlarge me whenever I am in distress. I rely on Your grace to deliver me and increase my capacity, in Jesus Name.